Eric Klein

Along with being a spiritual teacher, for the past two decades, Eric has been a leading voice in the movement to bring greater spirit, meaning, and authenticity to the workplace through his company Dharma Consulting.

He’s worked with over 20,000 leaders from a wide variety of settings: Fortune 500 companies, healthcare, governmental and non-profit organizations—as well as mid-size companies.

Eric is the author of the best selling book Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Work (over 250,000 copies sold) and To Do or Not To Do: How Successful Leaders Make Better Decisions based on research and experiences with more than 200 companies.

His recent book, You are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For, won a 2008 Nautilus Award as a world changing book in the conscious leadership/business category.

Devi Bliss

For 25 years, Devi has led and taught The Spiritual Path for Women. This series of in-depth trainings and groups apply spiritual principles and yogic practices to all aspects of a woman’s life – relationships, health, money, work, self-care, dreams etc. (And there is a lot of laughing along the way.)

Deborah is trained as both a family therapist and art therapist. Her teachings blend deep psychological work with creativity in a way that breathes life into the yogic teachings. As a spiritual counselor, she helps individuals and couples transform suffering through undefended honesty, not-taking-self-so-seriously, and loving kindness.

Deborah is a master designer of ritual and sacred space. In her own home, and those of clients, she creates simple, elegant, and spiritually uplifting environments.

Eric & Devi have been married since 1973.

They have two beautiful sons – Nathaniel and Aaron. Nathaniel is a world traveler and artist. Aaron is a student and electronic music creator.

In 1987 E & D partnered with Trish O’Reilly to found the North County Yoga Center, in Solana Beach. Through NCYC, they taught and sponsored hundreds of yoga workshops with many of today’s yoga luminaries (before they were famous) and annual retreats on the island of Maui.

They live, teach, and travel from Encinitas, CA – the town where Paramahansa Yogananda built his seaside ashram in the 1930s. It’s a surf town overflowing yoga centers, kirtan events and excellent Mexican food.

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