Deep Self Care (a video teaching)

We were at a dinner party. Lovely people. Delicious food.
After the meal had settled, our host brought around a platter of homemade cookies.
“They’re not gluten-free . . . “ she mentioned proffering the plate of steamy, chocolate delights.
“No thank, you,” said Devi, “I’ll just breathe in their aroma . . . Mmmmmmmmm.”
Devi was saying no and she was also saying a Big Yes.
She said no to the delicious cookies (and she does love chocolate) while simultaneously saying a Big Yes to her well-being. She embraced her love of chocolate without biting into the cookies.
She gave a Big Yes to the deep pleasure of self-care while saying no to any sense of deprivation or lack. That was what made her Mmmmmmmmmmmm so delicious.
Whenever you say yes in life, you’re also saying no.
And vice versa. Yes and No, like Yin and Yang, Day and Night . . .  are linked together.
But, not every yes is a Big Yes.
Not every no is a Big No.
Knowing the difference matters – to your health, your wealth, and your awakening.
So, what is the BIG YES and the BIG NO?
That’s what this video/meditation is about.
In this talk/meditation, Eric takes you on a deep journey into the Big YES and the Big NO – describing how both promote your spiritual awakening. The video includes chanting, music, teaching, and guided practice.

What about you?
Where in your life are you saying a Big YES or a Big NO?
Share your insights below.
Love & Shanti
E & D
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  • Tom Cadwallader

    How wonderful to revisit the mantras. One of the “teachings” from one of Eric’s courses was to let the mantra do the work. That frustrated the hell out of me. But I came to experience that it was true eve n if I couldn’t understand it. The teaching today lead me deeper into a trusting acceptance, a willingness to be surprised. Namaste.

  • Marianne

    Thank you for this beautiful meditation. I say a BIG NO against the pattern of Rescuer-Victim-Prosecutor and say a BIG YES to my own Power to keep it for myself, not giving it away to others anymore. Because then I stand on my feet on Earth firmly.

  • Kathryn

    Tom speaks my mind. This was a welcome gift.

  • Maria

    Thank you Eric. That was soothing. I’ll practice again.

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