Drop the Struggle (Healing Family Karma 2.O)

Here’s my guess: you were born to parents who were embedded in their own family karma. They had their own emotional wounds.

How clearly and compassionately they faced their karma; how wisely they transformed their wounds – set the emotional climate of your childhood.

It’s likely that your parents, as most people, never learned how to heal their own family karma or infuse their wounds with loving awareness in order to awaken.

Your parents didn’t know how to heal their karma.

So they struggled, reacted, and acted out their emotional wounds. This is what most of us do.

The poignant thing is that all this acting-out is an attempt (unconscious and unskillful)  to heal our karma.

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We struggle to be free and yet the very struggling perpetuates the patterns of the past.

I don’t know whether your parents acted out their wounded-ness dramatically or subtly – with shouting or silence. Either way, you were affected. Either way, you inherited the family karma.

Your family karma inheritance doesn’t have to be a burden.

It’s not designed to be. It’s really a sacred pathway that leads beyond suffering to the fulfillment of your life.

While the details of your story will differ from mine, we share one key thing in common. We both faced (and are facing) situations that are perfectly structured to facilitate awakening.

Your life – in its nitty gritty details – is your precise path to awakening.

That’s what the yogis discovered in deep meditation. That discovery is possible for you. When you know how to meet karmic patterns with meditative presence – what appears as obstacles, hassles, dramas – become your path to awakening.

Sadly, most people turn away from this path.

Rather than turning towards their karmic patterns with meditative awareness – they turn away. They don’t study their family karma code and release the wisdom that’s hidden there.

Instead they act out and perpetuate their wounded-ness.

So it goes, from year to year . . . a life of repetitive suffering . . . Often passed on generation to generation.

The family karma persists until someone wakes up.

The patterns of unconsciousness continue until someone stops and turns around in consciousness. If you’re reading these words – you can be that someone.

You can bring the blessing of meditative awareness to your family karma.

In the Healing Family Karma program, you’ll learn specific meditations for healing karma.

You’ll learn – and be guided through – a step-by-step process that gently, surely, and harmoniously frees you.

No heroics and no avoidance.

Neither of these extremes works. That’s why in this program, you’ll learn how to untangle the karma knots that limit you, breath-by-breath. You’ll proceed at the pace of integration – balancing karma and healing trauma.

It will set you free. And not just you . . . others, as well.

The beauty of healing family karma is that it’s not just for you. There’s a deep soul connection that links you to the members of your karmic family (which includes more than your family of origin).

These liberating practices benefit you and all those you’re connected to – living or dead.

As you heal the wound in your heart, all those who are connected to you are freed.

Love & Shanti

E & D


Healing Family Karma program for FREE

You can experience part of the Healing Family Karma program for FREE to see if it’s a fit for you.


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