The Easy (and Hard) Way to Meditate

Google “learn to meditate”. You’ll get over 12 million hits.
It’s so easy! Just click. Listen a bit and then click away.

That’s how the mind works – click, click, click.
From distraction to distraction. From link to link.
But, if you want to establish a daily practice: clicking is the hard way.

Because, clicking can’t establish a meditation habit.
Surfing the web scatters attention and stirs up the mind. It seems easy, at first. But, over time, it’s frustrating. All that clicking and still no daily practice.
What’s the alternative?

Take slow, steady, well-designed steps.
Follow a proven process. Cultivate focus. Nurture mindfulness. That’s what our Meditation Habit program offers.
And this year, we’re offering Pay-from-the-Heart pricing.

  • Establish a life-long habit of daily meditation.
  • Dissolve the obstacles that sabotage consistency & progress.
  • Bring mindful awareness into daily life.

2017 Special: Pay-from-the-Heart
Make this the year that you establish a daily meditation practice that fits seamlessly into your life.
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I was concerned that I would resist for a number of reasons and that my meditation struggles and barriers would not be removed.
What I found in the program was beauty, light, stillness, a process, humor, communion with others in the group and with Eric.

The program is wonderful. The structure of the program is very good: recordings, workbook, teachings, Facebook (actually thought I wouldn’t participate but I’m glad I am), live calls. It works!

Amazing, amazing program and teacher.  I cannot say enough. I can’t write the sentiments I feel.  Thank you, Eric. Tremendous respect and gratitude for you, your gifts, your experience, your abilities, your presence. Your presence does come through to me in the program.

I love that I have a Meditation Habit.”

Tammy Purdy
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Are you ready to establish a daily meditation practice?
Or maybe you want your current practice to be more consistent, deep, and joyful?
We’re here to support you – either way. Forget clicking around the web.
Join the Meditation Habit Click here and Pay-from-the-Heart.

We’re removing the financial barriers to the Meditation Habit.
This year, we’re offering the program on a Pay-from-the-Heart basis.
Click here and Pay-from-the-Heart.

Love & Shanti

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