3 ways to light up the sky

Yesterday evening, in so many parts of the United States, the sky was illumined with light . . . fireworks.

These luminous displays of artistry – evoked “Oooooos” and “Ahhhhhhhhs” from the assembled crowd. And not just – not primarily – because of their association with warfare. No. These starry sparkles – radiant, transitory – remind us of the creative sparks that burn in the heart of our being.

In the contemplative traditions of the world, consciousness is often compared to the vastness of the sky.

When you gaze into the night sky, you’re looking into the very boundary-less heart of your being. When you close your eyes and turn attention towards the heart of your being  – the same unlimited vastness greets you. In the words of the amazing musician, Gregory Page, from his Sleeping Dogs album, “there are fireworks exploding in my heart”. Have you noticed?

Have you noticed the fireworks that are lighting up the sky of your heart?

The inspirations, intimations, intuitions, and impulses that arise from deep within. When you pay attention to these, your soul gasps, “Oooooooo” and “Ahhhhhhh”. What lights up the sky of your heart? What illuminates your inner being – bringing radiance and artistry to your world?

Here are three pointing-out instructions, nudges from the sacred teachings, that can keep you connected to the fireworks in your heart.

1) Remember – the Big Bang isn’t over.
The creative trajectory of the Universe cuts directly through the heart of your being. You’re not in the way. You are the way. Let the un-contrived impulse that is coursing through your heart take you by the hand. It’s ready to dance.

2) Recognize – there are no detours.
You’re always on the path . . . even when you’re walking with eyes closed. It’s not really a question of being on or off the path. It’s all path. But, if  you’re eyes are closed you won’t enjoy the view. Open up . . . and see.

3) Heed the Call.
Everything is guiding, teaching, and reminding you. Listen. It’s easier than you think. There are fireworks exploding in your heart.Pay attention.

Here’s the music that sparked this post:

What lights up the sky of  your heart?

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