Four Keys to the Meditation Habit (A Nano-Teaching Video)

In general

As the summer weather heats up, our garden relies on the drip system to survive.

Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . the system delivers regular applications of life-giving water.

But, drip systems aren’t just for plants. It’s a key to the meditative path of awakening.

Because the drip, drip, drip approach to meditation nourishes your inner garden.
In this nano-teaching, we overview the drip system of meditation. This teaching is drawn from a month-long program given to the Wisdom Heart Community (which is open to everyone here).

Wisdom Heart Nano-teaching: Four Keys to the Meditation Habit from Wisdom Heart on Vimeo.
Highlights from this teaching: 

  • D-R-I-P is a symbolic acronym:

D for directionalKnow why you are practicing and the journey you are on.
R for rhythmicGet into a daily rhythm – until the rhythm gets into you.
I for intensityGo deep, be fully present, absorbed and engaged.
P for priorityHonor the impulse of awakening that is calling you.

  • Make practice a priority by slowly, gently, and simply introducing it into your life.

Recognize the direction that is calling you. Create a simple daily rhythm where you intensely practice . . . make this a priority.

  • Nourish the seeds of your awakening life.

They will bring forth blessings psychologically, physically, relationally, and creatively into your life.
Water the sacred seeds within . . . drip, drip, drip.

It’s summertime . . . Begin now!

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