Violence, Grief & the Four Stages of Spiritual Learning

Like you, I’ve been meditating, praying, and reflecting on the shootings in Orlando. All the wisdom traditions agree, that for violence to arise there must be the conditions that foster, support, and give rise to violence. 

Collectively we have fostered, supported, and given rise to such conditions.
Can we face this fierce truth? Not with more reactivity but with clarity, compassion, and courage? Can I? Can you?

You are a thread in the collective fabric as am I.
Neither of us is separate from the collective. We weave our world together. Facing this truth, I am asking and invite you to ask:

What can I do – right now – so that my thread weaves the conditions of peace, of healing, of awakening into the collective fabric?

I rarely talk about my background.
Some of my friends tell me that’s not because I’m humble – just overly private.
Hmmmm … that’s what friends are for!

Here’s the basics:
I’m one of the few people on the planet to be both a best selling author of leadership books and a lineage holder in a 5,000 year old yoga tradition.

This means, I’ve sat in corporate board rooms and on meditation retreats.
I’ve stood before 3,000 people to deliver a keynote on the spirituality of leadership.
I’ve knelt before my wife to help deliver both of our sons.

I went to my first yoga class in 1970.
At the end of class I rolled up from savasana (relaxation) and sat in a meditative posture. An inner door opened. I entered a deep state of stillness. Beyond thought. The feeling of that stillness has been reverberating in my being ever since then.

I’ve devoted my life to incarnating that stillness.
And to discovering how to help others find the way to that inner door.
It’s what led me to my guru. It’s what impelled me to study the sacred teachings of the wisdom traditions. It’s what the Wisdom Heart Community is all about.

It’s perfect timing.
As our collective heart is broken open, we are all being called to go deeper, to meet the pain and suffering of our world with loving awareness; to have the strength to awaken.

We’ve designed the Wisdom Heart Community to facilitate your awakening.
It’s a guided process of learning that will guide you to the inner door and support you in realizing that it is already open.

Here’s what that looks like:

The door is open … will you step through?
The Wisdom Heart Community is opening on June 22.
Let’s practice together!
Get on the early notification list here.

Love & Shanti

P.S. In the Wisdom Heart Community you will:

  • Learn simple and effective ways to begin a regular meditation practice, even if you have tried and given up in the past.
  • Experience a variety of meditation styles, including breath meditation, mantra practice, visualization, contemplative approaches, and more.
  • Discover clear and easy meditation techniques that you can begin applying to your daily life right away.
  • Connect with the true joy of meditation, and watch as this joy ripples throughout your life.

Get on the early notification list here.

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