New Moon Meditations

I’ve been facilitating new moon meditations and rituals with local Wisdom Heart women for the past twenty-five years. We’ve discovered the depth and beauty of using this special time to make changes and move forward in life with greater meaning.

Every new moon corresponds to a particular sign of the zodiac. Each new moon is the beginning of a new cycle which lasts 29 days. By attuning to the essence, the archetypal wisdom of the new moon you:

  • Attune to the natural laws of life.
  • Bring your life into greater harmony.
  • Make contact with the unconscious – and bring that wisdom into the light of consciousness

I’m excited to share these monthly meditations with our expanding internet community. These monthly video and printed teachings are offered free of charge and include:

  • A teaching on the basic meaning, theme, and opportunity of this month’s lunar cycle.
  • A guided meditation and ritual – for attuning to the monthly theme & embodying the theme in your daily life.
  • A worksheet for reflecting on how you will apply and integrate the theme into your life.

Please send your feedback to Share your experiences. Let us know how we can serve you on your path.

Love & Shanti


New Moon in Leo (August 6, 2013)

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