The Inner War (And How to Live in Peace)

When our sons were in elementary and middle school, they participated in a wonderful summer program: Junior Life Guards. A month of running in the sand, swimming in the ocean, and learning how to surf. Heaven!.

The last day was a competition.
Relay races. Swimming contests. But, the big moment came with the last event: a tug of war! 30 kids versus 6 counselors!!

It was almost always a close match.
Both sides would pull with all their might. Sweating and straining. And laughing. There was always a lot of laughter – even when one side was overpowered and dragged (still laughing) across the sand.

I remembered this tug of war, as I was editing the text of our new Face Fear – Live Free program.
This program is a deep dive into the Bhagavad Gita – one of the world’s most precious texts of spiritual wisdom. The Gita is a guidebook on how to end the inner tug-of-war.


Step-by-step it shows you how to stop struggling against life and fragmenting your psyche, life.

We need this wisdom at this time in history.
As cosmic as it is grounded, the wisdom of the Gita reveals how to:

  • Free yourself from self-sabotage, doubt, and fear
  • Make meditation a way of life
  • Live with greater joy, wisdom, and courage
  • Serve the awakening of the world

When you’re caught in that inner tug-of-war, you suffer.
You can’t think or see clearly. Your mind is fragmented into opposing factions. The inner noise is too loud for you to think. And if either side of the inner war wins – you still lose.

One part of you pulls towards adventure. Another pulls towards security.
One part tugs on you to speak up. A different part warns you to keep quiet.
You’re damned if you do and also if you don’t.

 It’s exhausting.
The inner struggle consumes a tremendous amount of cognitive, emotional, and physical energy. It wears you down.
So how can you resolve these tensions? How can you end the war and live with inner peace?

Peace doesn’t arise from eliminating tension.
It comes from discovering the ways in which opposing forcefields are – at a much deeper level – connected and need each other.
It’s like the kids and the counselors of Junior Lifeguards. They’re not really in conflict. They’re actually on the same team. It’s the same for your inner life.

All the parts of your psyche are on the same team.
Every memory track of your soul has a vital and essential role to play in your awakening life. But, knowing this – intellectually – isn’t enough. It has to sink into your body . . . Until it does, it won’t arise organically in your life.

This challenge isn’t new.
People have been wrestling with how to embody inner peace – and bring that peace into the world – for millenia. The Bhagavad Gita gives one of the clearest, deepest, and most practical answers to this profoundly human question ever written.

Our new Gita program will help you end your inner war.
So you can live with wisdom; and be a healing force in our struggling world.

Face Fear – Live Free
A 40-Day Experience of the Bhagavad Gita

Discover the Ultimate Spiritual guide for Uncertain Times.
I’ve been studying, meditating on, and living into the Gita’s teachings for 45 years. In this program, I’ve distilled this wisdom text into a series of clear explanations, deep practices, and applied wisdom that reveal how to:

  • Untangle your life from the illusions of conditioning
  • Experience the blessing of Pure Being
  • Strengthen your capacity to embody and express your dharma

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