How about less drama and more dharma? (A Nano-teaching video)

“When we wake up in the morning, are we reborn into the world of dharma or are we reborn into the world of our personal drama?”

That’s the question we consider in this week’s Nano-teaching. Most of us will answer, “It depends.”

On what?

The conventional answers: the situation, the other person, time of day, where we are, what we ate, family history, cultural history . . . etc.

The meditative mind, without denying any of the above, suggests that the most important factor in making the shift from drama to dharma is: remembrance.


The Path of Remembrance: A Nano-Teaching video

This Nano-teaching video is excerpted from a series of monthly teachings and meditations presented to the Wisdom Heart Community.

The text Eric quotes is the Isa Upanishad – one of the shortest and most profound of ancient mystical teachings. Enjoy!

Wisdom Heart Nano-teaching: The Path of Remembrance from Wisdom Heart on Vimeo.


This Nano-teaching explores:

  • The mystical connection between sleep & death
  • What is revealed when you remember your holy nature
  • The role of suffering on the path of remembrance


From this teaching:

“The practice of meditation is the practice of cultivating that sacred remembrance, which lives within you as a feeling state.  It lives within you as a feeling state of santosha or contentment, of shanti or peace. It is a feeling state of prem or unconditioned love and, most holy, a state of prajna, divine wisdom.

What is wisdom? It is remembering to remember. It is remembering who you are and to directing attention towards the Radiance in all that arises within and around you.

Cultivate remembrance and direct loving awareness towards all that arises. Particularly, towards forms of suffering and experiences of incompleteness.  Whether it’s an inner experience of incompleteness or a sense of struggle and incompleteness in the world – infuse all with loving awareness.

Whenever suffering arises, it is calling you back to remembrance, back to the perception of Radiance as ever-Presence.”


Let us know:

What shifts your awareness from drama to dharma?

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Love & Shanti

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  • Kathleen Lahiff

    Thank you, Eric, for sharing the teachings in these short lessons. Whenever I manage to check into your work, I am grateful for you and for the beauty and spiritual inspiration/reminders that you share.

  • eric

    Thank you. Katie. I’m so grateful. We’re still singing together after all these years.

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