Meditation for Your Life – Embodying Love, A Dialogue with Anna Guest-Jelley


Here’s one thing we all have in common: a human body.

But, how do we relate to this precious form? How do we tap into the wisdom and love that is encoded into the body? That’s what I explore with Anna Guest-Jelley…

Anna Guest-Jelley, is a yoga pioneer. She is the founder and CEO (Curvy Executive Officer) of Curvy Yoga – a training & inspiration portal for yoga students and teachers of all shapes and sizes who want a body affirming practice that supports them in exploring what body acceptance means to them. Learn more at

In this dialogue, Anna describes, with great clarity, how to be more mindful, loving, and present in your embodied life. We talk about Anna’s journey of awakening in and through her body and how yoga – or any spiritual practice – can be used to liberate or limit. We explore how the principles of honesty, curiosity, and self-compassion keep the awakening process real and life-giving.

Listen below [or download here]

BONUS: We’ve created a poster based on Anna’s Curvy Loving Kindness meditationDownload HERE.

Love & Shanti

The Mediation for Your Life series includes eight dialogues with some of the wisest and most grounded teachers I know.

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