Meditation for Your Life – Timeless Wisdom Now! A Dialogue with Theo Cade

theo-cadeDo you know the I Ching?
The I Ching is a book, an ancient wisdom text, from China. It encodes the Taoist wisdom – of how to live in a series of 64 short chapters. It’s an oracle which, when properly approached – can provide profound guidance.

In this installment of the Meditation for Your Life series, I talk with Theo Cade PhD the author of I Ching: Version for Optimism. Theo is a therapist, peace worker, and farmer in the mountains of Costa Rica. His new version of the ancient text, preserves the timeless wisdom and updates it by weaving the principles of Positive Psychology into the short, poetic chapters. Learn more here

Listening to the Oracle – Live!!
In this unique dialogue, Theo and I explore how to use the I Ching to tap into, hear, and live in tune with deepest wisdom. Then, we do a live reading!

I ask a question about my work with Wisdom Heart and Theo guides me into my own I Ching reading. It’s profound, revealing, and spot-on. This was a very joyful, creative, and wise conversation that reveals the power of this ancient text for our times.

Listen below [or download here]

BONUS: We’ve created a poster based on the I Ching reading in this dialogue: Small Steps Realize Big Dreams. Download HERE!

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