No Skipping Steps: My Path of Awakening

In general

This week, the tables are turned. I’m not the interviewer . . . I’m the interviewee.

My interviewer is Prashant Goel host of the True Change podcast.
Prashant is a wonderful coach and long-time meditator with deep experience on the cushion and in the world as a corporate consultant.

He asks wonderful questions that explore:

  • How to integrate sacred teachings and practices into our busy lives
  • The difference between New Age thinking and meditative awakening
  • What happens after “enlightenment”?
  • The relevance – and pitfalls – of the guru/disciple relationship
  • And more . . . stories of my own path of awakening

Yes, we get personal.
Prashant’s enthusiastic and vulnerable approach turned this from an interview into a warm, open conversation. I shared stories from my life in ways that surprised me and, I hope, inspire you.

Listen to our conversation here.

What are your thoughts
What does this conversation awaken in you?
Share in the comments below.

Love & Shanti

E & D

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  • Jessica Jewell

    This was a wonderful interview and I so enjoyed listening to the wealth of well grounded wisdom. Communion and integration. Honoring our own authority. Openness and courage. I will carry this forward. With a bow of gratitude to you both, Namaste!

  • eric

    Thank you, Jessica. Bowing back.

  • Helen

    Loved this conversation! It struck a deep chord with me. Especially the bit about God being my brother. Very real and open and generous. Made my morning as I prepared soup in my kitchen. Keep up the great work . Xx

  • Georgette Bales

    …and then the day came
    when the risk to remain tight,
    in a bud,,
    became more painful
    than the risk it took to blossom.
    -Elizabeth Appell

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