The Power of Meaning (In Crazy Times)

How do you navigate crazy times?
How do you stay present, engage, and act from wisdom rather than reactivity.
It’s not easy.

It’s easy to react when threatened.
And given the current events and the amplification of anxiety, anger, and even rage created by our social media echo chamber – reactivity has become the norm.
But, it doesn’t have to be.

The urgency of the times doesn’t have to trigger reactivity.
Urgency is not the same as reactivity. Reactivity keeps us on the surface of the mind, churning in a whirlpool of emotions.

Urgency calls us to dive deeper and attune to the deeper meaning of the current events – whether in your family, community, or larger world.

Tuning into the deeper call takes silence.
Not more tweets or posts. Not more rants.
Breathing helps. So does mindful walking in nature.

The key is this: change the channel.
Change the channel from mainlining social media to . . . here’s a leap . . . reading sacred texts.

Sacred texts and wisdom teachings shifts you from the surface to the deeper current.
Not to escape from life; not to engage in spiritual by-passing. Rather, to stabalize the mind, open the heart, and bring you back to the deeper meaning of what it means for you to be an active, awake, healing presence in this world.

The Bhagavad Gita is the ultimate spiritual guidebook for our times.
Diving into the Gita takes you into the depths of your own soul. It’s a fierce reminder that the earth life – your earth life – is not separate in any way from the spiritual life. Your life – in all the nitty gritty details (including politics) – is the spiritual life.

So, how can you live it fully? Wisely? Truthfully?

Face Fear – Live Free
A 40-Day Experience of the Bhagavad Gita
Discover the Ultimate Spiritual guide for Crazy and Uncertain Times.

I’ve been studying, meditating on, and living into the Gita’s teachings for 45 years. In this program, I’ve distilled this wisdom text into a series of clear explanations, deep practices, and applied wisdom that reveal how to:

  • Untangle your life from the illusions of conditioning
  • Experience the blessing of Pure Being
  • Strengthen your capacity to embody and express your dharma

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