Do reactive emotions and negative thoughts interfere with your life?

Imagine moving along in your life – feeling pretty good and on top of things when . . . wham . . . you find yourself in the middle of a storm of reactive emotions and negative thoughts. Everything changes – not for the better – in that instant. How did this happen?

Something triggered the storm.

It could have been a critical look; an angry voice tone; some unexpected feedback; a “no” when you were hoping for a “yes”.
Whatever it was – triggered an onslaught of reactive emotions & negative thoughts.

When you’re triggered – all bets are off.

You’re not at your best . . . not even close. Clarity, compassion, and any sense of perspective or humor are out the window. You can’t focus. And whether you freeze, fight, or flee . . . you’re off track.

When you want live a creative, engaged, and joyful life – it’s truly frustrating to find yourself mired in reactive emotions and negative thoughts.

Reactive emotions & negative thoughts are exhausting.
They suck away energy that you could be directing into life-enriching projects and relationships They keep you spinning your wheels – when what you really want to do is live your dream.

So how can you stop reactive emotions and negative thoughts from invading your mind and heart?

You have to get to the trigger and transform it. And here’s the thing – the trigger isn’t “out there”. It’s not other people, events, or external conditions. The trigger lies within consciousness – your consciousness.

When you transform the trigger – you are no longer “trigger-able”.

Then even when you’re faced with a critical look; an angry voice tone; some unexpected feedback; or a disappointing “no” – you don’t react. You are free to live, love, create . . . fulfill your dream.

The energy – psychological, emotional, physical – that has been drained by reactivity, is now free to nourish your life.

With this new infusion of energy, you can meet the world – even when it barks – with clarity, compassion, courage, and creativity.

The question is – how to transform the trigger?

The MantraWave Home Study 1:
Freedom from Reactivity through Sacred Sound Meditation

This program is the the first in the three-part MantraWave Experience.

The MantraWave Experience is an elegant, powerful, and easy-to-use method for realizing emotional freedom.

MantraWave Experience is a 27-day program that carries you into the state of meditation – with ease. And then, using the power of sacred sound, transforms the trigger – that pattern of reactivity that keeps you from fulfilling your dream.

Mantra yoga + Brain wave technology = MantraWave

It’s this unique combination that makes MantraWave so powerful and enjoyable.

Mantra yoga is the ancient practice of using sound to calm the mind and open your consciousness to profound states of healing, presence, and creativity.


Brain wave technology uses complex audio patterns to generate neural coherence to bring you into deep states of relaxation, balance, and effortless focus.


If you’ve ever struggled to meditate, this is for you. I’ve often said that mantra meditation feels like a shortcut to states of consciousness that sometimes I find hard to reach through other forms of meditation. And in his introduction, Eric explains that this is pretty much what the ancient yogis discovered. So I’m not cheating!

MantraWave helps me relax and enter into my practice in a wholehearted way that is hard to achieve in a short time otherwise. I highly recommend MantraWave.”

It’s the integration of ancient & modern technologies.

These two technologies – one ancient and the other modern – are powerful in their own right.

Mantras have proven their efficacy over the centuries. Brain wave technology is well researched (and more data is coming out every day). By combining these two powerful technologies, MantraWave offers you a meditation program like no other.

  • Sacred mantras
  • Brain wave entrainment
  • Heart-opening music
  • A progressive sequence of guided meditations

It’s a practice program – not just an audio download.

In this course you’ll learn how to use MantraWave meditation to remove the mental, emotional, and energetic obstacles that limit you.

You’ll learn specific MantraWave meditation practices to:

  • Remove the inner obstacles that hold you back
  • Heal reactive emotional patterns
  • Untangle your awareness from negative thoughts

If you’ve found yourself trying, trying, trying to make changes in your life – only to get tangled up in repetitive patterns – this program offers you a deeper, simpler, more loving way to be free.

The MantraWave Experience unfolds in four modules:

Module 1: Foundations of Freedom

This module introduces you to the relationship between emotion, thought, and mantra. Drawing on ancient texts and current research from neuroscience and psychology – you learn how to use MantraWave as a tool for penetrating the deepest levels of consciousness. In this module you learn how to establish a personal MantraWave practice that fits your life and life style.

Module 2: Emotional Freedom & Embodied Bliss

In this module you learn how to use MantraWave to liberate the creative energy that is drained through reactive emotions & negative thoughts. You discover how shift from the drama of personal history to the peace of Presence. In this module you identify your primary reactive trigger and learn how to release emotional contraction to experience embodied bliss.

Module 3: Turning up the Heat

In this module you learn how to use the principles of intensity and duration to increase the transforming power of your MantraWave meditation. This module guides you into a deep connection with the essence of the mantra. You learn how to let the mantra – the inner wisdom energy – lead you to deeper and deeper states of freedom and joy.

Module 4: Breathing Freedom into Your Life

In this module, all the previous material is integrated. The focus is on how to bring the resonance of the practice into your daily life so that the liberating effects of MantraWave empower every aspect of your experience.

This is a life-changing program.

The methods that you learn and the guided practices you receive will – if you use them – change your life. You will experience more confidence, clarity, and compassion – as a natural by-product of opening to the power of MantraWave.

The changes in your life will be organic.

No drama. No life upheaval. Rather you will experience that natural falling away of past compulsions and a powerful capacity to receive the blessings of the present moment. You’ll be grounded and clear as the bliss of emotional freedom is anchored in the simple beauty of your everyday experience.

“I listen to MantraWave as part of my morning practice everyday. It opens my heart and makes it so much easier to relax into my practice.

The Standard Program includes:

27 Teaching Modules

Delivered in mp3 and PDF format, as digital downloads.
These teaching modules come in the form of articles, dharma doodles, audios and videos.

These easy-to-absorb teaching modules will:

  • Expand your understanding of how to embody freedom
  • Teach you how to work with inner resistance
  • Inspire & motivate you to go deeper
  • Make the connection between ancient wisdom & modern science

27 Practice Modules

Delivered in mp3 and PDF format, as digital downloads.
These daily practices include teachings, inspiration, and guided MantraWave practices.

These daily practices:

  • Take you deeper day-by-day
  • Support the release of reactive patterns
  • Provide support & inspiration
  • Show you how to overcome “mind games” that derail transformation

Four progressive MantraWave Experience Meditations

These professionally recorded and engineered audios include magical mantras, heart-opening music, brainwave entrainment and guided meditation instruction.

They are included because:

  • The progressive sequence of guided practices take you step-by-step into the transforming power of the mantra.
  • You learn how to heal your reactive emotions & release negative thoughts using the resonance of MantraWave.

Beautifully designed workbook

Delivered in PDF format, as a digital download.

The MantraWave audios are truly beautiful – works of art. We wanted the workbook to be as pleasing. This is not a Word document filled with generic clip art. It’s a dharma-doodle-rich workbook that is filled with essential teachings, reflective exercises, and integration tools – for realizing your Essential Freedom.

The workbook contains all the teachings, meditations, and exercises along with dharma doodles to illustrate the points. Active links within the workbook take you to all the recordings and videos.

Here is what you get:

  1. All written materials are in easy-to-read PDF format.
  2. All audio is professionally created and each audio is tagged, making it very easy to find in your mp3 player. Each audio is like a professionally created music file downloaded from iTunes.
  3. Checklists are designed so you can print them out and use them over and over again.
  4. Videos are short and inspiring, instead of droning on and on.

The Premium Program includes:

All of the Standard Program as described above – plus:

Premium Bonus 1: MantraWave Experience emails ($159 value)

These emails deliver the daily practices and teachings to your inbox.

In each email there are additional links to a special private Facebook group where you can celebrate your progress, ask questions, give and get support.

In certain emails you’ll be invited to communicate directly with Eric. When you do . . . you could receive a surprise bonus. Fun!

Premium Bonus 2: Three recorded 60-minute teachings with Eric ($79 value)

These recorded teachings go deeply into the practice of mantra meditation and how to use sacred sounds to lilberate yourself from reactive emotions, self-limiting thoughts, and constrictive behaviors.

Eric explains the source of the MantraWave mantras and how to use them to transform your life.

Topics include:

  • The nature of the conditioned self
  • What is a mantra . . . really?
  • Why liberation is not a goal.
  • Being the Bodhisattva of your own psyche.
  • How to move from self-improvement to liberation
  • Following the mantra in to silence.
  • How to work with the emotions and energies that are released.
  • How the 3-levels of mantric meaning effect your consciousness.

And more . . .

Premium Bonus 3: Special MantraWave audio
($37 value)

This 1-hour audio is pure MantraWave: chanting, music, brain-wave entrainment.

You can play this audio in the background at work or at home to gently infuse your environment with the healing sounds of MantraWave. Bathe your life in MantraWave.

Premium Bonus 4: Personal Coaching with Eric ($250 value)

This 45 minute coaching call (via Skype) is an opportunity to ask questions, receive guidance, and learn how to customize the practice to your unique karmic/personal conditions.

(This bonus alone is worth the price of the program.)

I’ve had a chanting practice for years, so mantras aren’t new to me. I’ve heard countless mantras chanted countless times by countless people. Truthfully, most of the time I’m left feeling pretty meh.

But this? This is different.

I could tell ten seconds into the first track that this was special.
Different, but also powerful. Full of high octane mojo that makes the chanting not just beautiful, but also totally effective.

There’s more to mantras than just the words. There’s a mojo behind them – a transmission of shazam. And that’s what’s virtually always missing in most of the mantra stuff I hear.

It was obvious to me that Eric isn’t just reciting the words.
He groks the mojo behind the mantra, which makes it a thousand times easier for me to plug into it and get some clear goodness from it.
I took the Removing Obstacles track for a spin. While I chanted, I could feel the mantra in my bones. And the music is just exquisite.

I’ve been listening and chanting along every day. I feel things shifting inside and out.
And that’s critical for me, because I’m a serial pragmatist. It’s important that everything I do – including my spiritual practice – have some concrete results in my life.

There’s some big beautifulness here.
An uncommon beauty and richness that’s impressed my face off. And I’m not easy to impress when it comes to music and mantras. MantraWave has genuinely wowed me.”

This isn’t just relaxation – it’s meditation that transforms.

Relaxation is wonderful, healthy, and necessary. But just relaxing won’t transform your life. The patterns of emotional reactivity that disturb you peace and limit your happiness can be held in abeyance when you’re relaxed. But the minute you come out of relaxation and step into your life . . . the patterns are back!

In order to free yourself from the limiting patterns of reactivity & negativity – you have to re-pattern your consciousness. That is what MantraWave meditations are designed to do.

MantraWave re-patterns your consciousness at a deep level.

These sacred sounds bring you into resonance with powerful healing forces. As you commune with the mantra – these sacred sounds re-pattern your consciousness: healing emotions, dissolving inner obstacles, and awakening you to deeper levels of beauty, wisdom, and awareness.

As you absorb your mind more and more deeply into the resonance of the mantra – the sacred consciousness encoded in the mantra is woven into your life.

Here is a sample of the MantraWave mantra without the special guided meditation – so you can dip your toe in the mantric waters. (Note: If you are a MantraWave user, this is the Removing Obstacles mantra.)


What makes me qualified to teach you?

I’ve guided thousands of people into the experience of mantra meditation.
For the past 35 years I’ve led meditation groups with my wife Devi. We’ve guided thousands of people into a deep state of meditation. We recorded our first mantra CD in 1980 and three more since.

I’ve practiced these methods for forty years.
So I know the territory. I’ve run into the inner obstacles. And learned my way through the process. Which means that along deep experience with sacred sounds, I’ve figured out how to make this method work for someone who lives a full modern life that involves – family, relationships, work, money, technology, the whole buffet.

I’ve practiced mantra meditation every day for 40 years.
I know from experience the wonderful beauty and transforming power of this practice. I haven’t missed a day of practice in 40 years. Why would I? I’ve discovered how to allow the radiance and joy of the sacred sounds to guide me. And I can teach you this life-enriching secret.

It’s art and science.
Over the decades, I’ve discovered how to artfully blend music, mantra, and guided practice so that you move into deep meditation with ease. It’s an art form that I’ve studied, practiced, and refined. Now, with the integration of potent brain wave entrainment programming – I’ve taken this process to a new level of ease and enjoyment.

I’m a lineage holder
I’m one of the very few westerners to be an ordained teacher in a 5,000 year old yoga lineage. I have studied deeply and personally with my guru since I was nineteen years old. And I’ve been teaching people to practice mantra meditation for over 35 years.

I’ve taken meditation into the world.
I’ve applied the wisdom of meditation to the practice of leadership. Through my books, speaking, and workshops, I’ve shared these principles and practices with over 100,000 people. I know how to make meditation practical, so you can adapt it and apply it to your life.

Do you want to free yourself from reactive emotions and negative thoughts?

I invite you to take action and enroll in this special program.
It will be a transforming experience.

The 27-day program starts immediately after you sign up.

Standard Premium
27 Teaching
27 Practice
MantraWave Experience Workbook
Premium Bonus 1:
MantraWave Experience Emails ($159 value)
Premium Bonus 2:
Three 60-minute Teachings with Eric ($79 value)
Premium Bonus 3:
Special MantraWave Audio ($37 value)
Premium Bonus 4:
Personal Coaching with Eric ($250 value)
Add to Cart
Add to Cart


What past participants have said:

I love listening to the daily teachings. There is so much to take in, that I am going slowly, re-listening to absorb them deeply.”

I am so happy with this special MantraWave experience. After three weeks, I feel I actually cannot go back to the same conditioned self I experienced at the start of the program. I love the practice of integrating this awareness into the daily life. The periods of stillness and being in balance extend … Deep Gratitude.”

I am in love with meditating and the ever-present stillness. Until I heard that today from Eric, I would not have had a name for that feeling . . . ever-present stillness. And while I don’t particular care for the rising up of the patterns, I am having a great time.”

My husband commented yesterday, ‘You are different.’ – ‘What?’, I said. “Yep, when our daughter calls with issues, you’re not getting caught in her drama. That’s different!” And so it is. I’m different. Each day, I hear something new even though the audio remains the same. Interesting.”

I am rescuing myself from my own conditioned thoughts and emotions (which have caused me to suffer) and becoming more focused on living my intention. It’s relieving to not have to understand why we have the thoughts we have and just rest in the mantra to receive healing.”

Today’s mantra wave practice was almost surreal. From the first moment of chanting, I could feel the mantra in every fiber of my body, at first sliding across my skin like a glove, then flowing inward, until I seemed to be vibrating. Now that the sitting is over, I’m left with a feeling of peace, serenity, and a slight tingling feeling throughout my body, as though the mantra is still chanting inside me.”

I’d been thinking about a problem right before practicing MantraWave. I’m not sure what it means, but I don’t remember the question that seemed so important when I first sat down. Is it that the practice dissolved the perceived need to know something that I didn’t really need to know?”

Important: Why You Shouldn’t Delay

#1: The patterns of limitation that constrain your life won’t go away on their own.
And trying harder, thinking more, exerting will power won’t work either. Sustainable breakthroughs happen when you re-pattern the inner, subtle, energetic structures of consciousness from which your life arises. This is what MantraWave Experience provides.

#2: As the days go by without transforming your reactive triggers you’re missing something.
You’re missing something, not just in terms of the mindfulness, presence, and quality of those days – but in terms of your evolution. You keep circling through the same familiar – and unsatisfying – emotional landscape. You know that freedom is possible. But the truth is – it takes practice. MantraWave builds the neural networks and spiritual momentum that change your life.

But what if you don’t get your value for the money?

I recommend that you NEVER buy anything that isn’t 100% guaranteed. And this program has our ‘No Bad Karma’ guarantee. This means that if you decide The MantraWave Experience isn’t what you need or want, let us know within 60 days for a complete refund. And I’ll be happy to refund your money with a smile.

Still not sure? See if this makes sense:

You’ve had moments of emotional freedom.
When the compulsion, anxiety, drama of life dissolved away. When you were just present – wholeheartedly present. That’s a taste of freedom. It’s like an appetizer. Would you like to enjoy the whole meal? It’s very possible. The program gives you the recipe and shows you step-by-step how to transform reactivity into freedom.

You get all the support you want.
And if you enroll in the Premium program, you don’t have to make this journey alone. You’ll have my personal support and guidance: during the tele-classes, in the private Facebook group, and via email. I will answer your questions and help you integrate the practice into your life. And, as many students say, the group interaction and support adds an invaluable element to the learning process.

Why wait? Send me your questions and I’ll respond.

Send an email to

And if what you’ve read speaks to your soul – I invite you to take action and enroll in this home study program.

Love & Shanti,

Please share this offering with your friends and loved ones.