Discovering a Hidden Master of the Kriya Lineage

In this edition of the WH Dialogues, I talk with Ray Grasse about his new book, An Infinity of Gods:  Conversations with an Unconventional Mystic, the teachings of Shelly Trimmer.

Who is Shelly Trimmer?
Shelly – as he preferred to be known – was a hidden master of the Kriya Yoga Lineage. A direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, Shelly lived a simple, reclusive life and taught a handful of disciples who managed to discover him living in the hinterlands of Minnesotta close to the Canadian border.

One of those disciples was our own Guru, Goswami Kriyananda. So, this is a very personally meaningful conversation for us.

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Our visit to an invisible sage.
Devi and I visited Shelly only once, in the summer of 1977. As we drove down the dirt road to his cottage, we noted the numbers on the mail boxes. We were looking for number 914. So, we counted, “There’s 908… 910… 912… okay… so 914 must be next… “ We were buzzing with anticipation.

But, all we saw out the car window was overgrown bushes, trees, and uncut grasses.
We kept driving. The next mail box came into view, “916??!! What?”
We turned around and counted the numbers again. And again. But, there was no mailbox with Shelly’s number. Hmmmmmmm …

Just then a man came out from the house numbered 912.
“I see you’re driving up and down the street,” he said, “Can I help you?”
“Yes, thank you,” I replied, “We’re looking for number 914 – the home of Shelly Trimmer.”
“I don’t know anyone by that name,” he answered.
“Well,” I tried again, “Shelly has long white hair and a thick white beard. He always dresses in black.” I assumed that this description wasn’t typical of most Florida residents.
He shook his head, “I’ve never seen anyone like that.”

At that moment the thick bushes parted.
A black dog walked out onto the road followed by Shelly at the end of the leash.
“I’ve been expecting you,” he laughed.


The neighbor didn’t seem to notice as we said our goodbyes and disappeared into the undergrowth following the path that led to the abode of this hidden master. Over the next five hours, we were transported out of time into a transmission of such depth and a vibration of such intensity that it still sings in our hearts.

That’s why this book is so welcome.
Reading the pages of An Infinity of Gods:  Conversations with an Unconventional Mystic, the teachings of Shelly Trimmer, we get to eavesdrop on the spontaneous, surprising, profound teachings of a unique teacher.

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In this WH Dialogue, Ray and I talk about some of the key teachings in the book, our experiences of Shelly, and his relevance for those of us seeking authentic awakening in an often bewildering spiritual market place.


About Ray Grasse
Ray Grasse is a Chicago-based writer, musician, photographer, and astrologer. He worked for ten years on the editorial staffs of Quest Books and The Quest magazine, and has been associate editor for The Mountain Astrologer magazine since 1998.

He’s lectured extensively on the topics of astrology, synchronicity, and mythology, and maintains an active astrological practice with clients around the United States and abroad.

Ray’s first book,  The Waking Dream: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives, is one of our absolute favorites. It is a rare glimpse into the inner teachings of the Kriya lineage, revealing the connection between symbolism, astrology, and meditation.

His other books Under a Sacred Sky: Essays on the Practice and Philosophy of Astrology and Signs of the Times: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of World Events apply the wisdom of symbolism to psychology, spirituality, art, politics, and history.

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Get the book here.

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  • Allynne

    When said about how Shelly had an answer for any question and could talk in length about the topic, it made me smile, as Eric seems to have a taste of that quality also, and even though well read, it seems to come from far more than intellect and restating book knowledge. In all the WH group discussions and interviews that I have listened in on or listened to as a recording (probably about 50 from programs and the WH community), I don’t remember a time that someone stumped Eric with a question and the answer was most often insightful and beautifully stated. And Eric has the added gift of really listening to what is being asked. No matter how awkward or jumbled the question may seem to the average listener, he is able to pull out the main point that is being asked and see the gift in the question.

    The dialogue gave a bit more of a look into the background of the teachings and lineage. Found it interesting and I am curious to learn more so, I ordered the book.

    Much gratitude.

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