The Four Virtues of a Leader: A Dialogue with Eric Kaufman

There’s so much confusion about leadership – especially these days.
The examples of what are called leadership that we read and hear about are so often profoundly troubling.

The concept of leadership has become distorted.
The expression of leadership seems to be almost hopelessly entangled and twisted-up with issues of power, control, and approval ratings.

But, what if leadership is really about something else?
What if leadership is truly something deeper and more essential – a capacity within each of us that promotes human flourishing?

 What if leadership was a way of being that is as much about inner development as outer results?
That’s what our new series of Wisdom Heart dialogues are about.
We’re going to explore the practice, the challenges, and the promise of leadership.
So, let’s jump into the deep end of the pool.

I’m talking with Eric Kaufman.
This is a rich dialogue for anyone who wants to exercise more “leadership” in their life.
In other words, for anyone who wants to be more intentional, aligned, and creative. Who wants to fully and authentically create and serve.

Eric Kaufmann

I’ve known Eric Kaufman for two decades.
He brings authentic spiritual depth to the conversation on leadership. He’s put in his 10,000 hours (the magical number of mastery) on the meditation cushion and has worked for decades with leaders around the world. Eric embodies and transmits the kind of leadership wisdom that is sorely needed in our world.

This dialogue explores Eric’s life and the teachings in his new book: The Four Virtues of a Leader. Get his book here.

 In our dialogue we explore:

  • The four core questions that catalyze and fuel the leadership journey
  • How meditation practice creates the capacity to face everything – even death
  • Why accepting the unacceptable is the key to transforming our “gremlins”
  • Leadership as the primary journey of human life
  • How to hear the call of life that is beckoning you to awaken and serve

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Share your insights:
How are you called to express leadership in your life at this time?

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Love & Shanti

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