Trump & the Fire of Meditation

I was going through my files of dharma doodles last week and came across an image I created five years ago.

It stopped me in my tracks.
Because the image presents a striking resemblance to the current US President and because of what it suggests. Here’s the doodle:

For me this dharma doodle is an invitation to bring loving awareness to the most challenging experiences – including the horrifying #45 and all the reactions his image, words, and voice evoke.

It is an invitation to face it all.
Not to turn away. Not to sugar coat. But, to look deeply:

  • To see through the surface display to the tremendous suffering that is (always) the source of violence and indifference.
  • To see through the destructive outbursts and pseudo-policies to recognize how they arise from hundreds of years of fear, oppression, ignorance, and self-protection.
  • To see, to feel, and to bring loving awareness to all that is revealed.

It’s a fierce practice for these ever-intensifying times.
This loving awareness is fierce. It’s not rose-colored glasses.
Loving awareness does not preclude – in any way – the choice to protest, to protect, to take action.

This deep seeing invites us to pause before Reacting.
To enter generative stillness without knowing how we will be guided into action. Waiting in this generative stillness burns through conditioned beliefs, fears, and certainty. It burns and burns in order to purify reactivity and more deeply align our motivations with a truly generative wisdom.
It’s not easy to pause.

It takes strength to reside in the fire of stillness.
The strength that is cultivated through spiritual practice. The strength to be with all that arises and to face the most horrifying realities “out there” and “in here”.

As difficult as it often is, I choose to be a healing presence in this fragmented world.
Anything else just dials up the suffering. There’s no upside personally or collectively if my actions are driven by unprocessed, unredeemed, unacknowledged suffering, grief, or anger.

This is the timeless choice spoken of in the great wisdom traditions.
For while today’s headlines announce new forms of ignorance, violence, and suffering – the choice to be a healing presence is perennial.

How can you be a healing presence in the current madness?
There’s no one way –  but a wonderful guide to this way of being is the Bhagavad Gita. The Gita a sacred manual for anyone who wants to embody wisdom in a world gone mad.

We’re diving into this teaching now in the Wisdom Heart Community in a program called Face Fear – Live Free.
It’s a powerful journey into the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita – for these times.
If you’d like to join us please check it out here.

Love & Shanti



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