What happens when you let go? A dharma doodle teaching

Walking through our neighborhood, the flowers are radiant. The unusually deep rains of this winter have brought forth blooms in abundance.

The flowers are teachers.
They show us the possibility of blossoming.
But, we don’t always follow this teaching. I know, I don’t. The choice to open and be revealed doesn’t always feel . . . um . . . safe.

Here’s a dharma doodle teaching straight from the heart of a flower . . .



Where are you trading self-protection for blossoming?
What would it mean to begin to let go?
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Love & Shanti
E & D

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  • JKF

    Just perfect timing. Thank you ❤️

  • Alister Scott

    In our culture and our times, showing one cares about things beyond one’s immediate self interest can feel dangerous. For example, expressing concern for the planet, or about the rate of extinction we are causing, or about how inequalities in society are damaging to all.

    I am learning to let go of my shell in this regard and you know what? good things are happening and I’m finding a whole lot of other people feel the same but also feel constrained in speaking out.

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