What’s Your Calling: Nothing is Excluded – A Dialogue with Kathleen Dowling Singh

Today’s WCY Dialogue is with one of our favorite authors: Kathleen Dowling Singh.
Her book The Grace in Dying is a treasure.
She weaves depth of wisdom and poescreenshot_5809try of language into a profound teaching. We’ve shared this book with friends and students. When her new book, The Grace in Aging, came out, we immediately read it. Another wonderful offering.
Kathleen is trained academically in transpersonal psychology and works as a mentor for deep psycho‐spiritual growth work. She lectures widely throughout the United States on spirituality at the end of life, spiritual transformation in the midst of life, and meditative and contemplative practices.
Kathleen lives in Sarasota, Florida, close to many of her four children and seven grandchildren.
In this dialogue Kathleen & Eric explore:

  • Moving past “flirting” with spiritual practice – to deep attunement.
  • The subtle connection between intention & surrender.
  • A simple two-word practice for freeing awareness from the tyranny of thought.

Bonus: Kathleen offers a guided meditation into the Awakening Heart at the end of the dialogue.

Continue the Dialogue: Share your reflections

  • What does “that which you are longing for is longing for you” mean to you right now?
  • What helps you release and surrender
Share your reflections below.
Connect with Kathleen here.
Get your copy of:
Grace in Dying here.
Grace in Aging here.
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