When You Want to Change . . . and You Don’t

A reader writes:
The other day I realized that I’m still holding anger towards my father – and I’m trying to figure out the best way to deal with it, or not, I suppose.

What an honest reflection!
We want to change . . . and we don’t. The figuring-it-out mind is always ambivalent about facing and transforming its own patterns of limitation. After all, struggle and divisiveness is what the mind knows best.

The mind is tangled up in knots.
Knots of doubt. Knots of self-criticism. And knots of self-improvement.
Try as it might, the knotted mind isn’t capable of untangling what its tied up in.

The mind can’t think itself to freedom.
If it could, you would have figured-out a way to end your struggles long ago.
So, what can untangle those knots?
It’s simple: meditative awareness.

Meditative awareness transcends – and heals – the mind’s entanglements.
Every thought, emotion, and sensation – no matter how knotted – is released in the  presence of meditative awareness. It’s not an effort. But it is a practice.

The practice of meditation reveals that which is always present.
Meditation practice reconnects you with an ever-present state of loving awareness. That loving awareness, naturally untangles the mind and frees the heart.
Don’t try to resolve the mind’s ambivalence. All that trying tightens the knots.

Learn to meditate.
Not as a way to banish doubt or self-criticism; and not for self-improvement.
Again, it’s simpler than that: learn the way of practice that dissolves the knots.

That’s what our program The Meditation Habit provides.
This program combines timeless wisdom & the science of behavior change. It will guide you step-by-step through the process of starting, sustaining, and deepening your daily meditation practice.

  • Establish a life-long habit of daily meditation.
  • Dissolve the obstacles that sabotage consistency & progress.
  • Bring mindful awareness into daily life.

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There’s a place deep within you, where you can go, to find the peace, strength, wisdom, and grace to untie the knots that bind.

It just takes a bit of practice. Click here (and Pay-from-the-Heart)

Before I signed up for the Meditation Habit I was concerned that I couldn’t sustain a habit of meditation.  I suffered from many excuses not to practice.

What I found in the program was a kindness and gentleness that exceeded my wildest hopes.  I found I could do this—with gentleness—bringing my mind back to the object of meditation.

Now I have a yearning, a hunger to practice meditation because of the gentleness and shining the light of awareness on this conditioned mind.

This morning when pausing and bathing my body-mind in loving appreciation — hugging myself and touching my heart — I cried joyfully.

The meditation habit provides the structure for my whole day, the missing piece – like sitting in the lap of God.

Ann Jensen Richards
San Diego, California

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Love & Shanti

Pay-from-the-Heart ends on January 20.
Click here and Pay-from-the-Heart.

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