You Are A Jewel (And My Bad Hair Day)

It’s the Thanksgiving season in the US. But, for those on the awakening path, every day – every breath – is the opportunity for deepening gratitude and thanksgiving.

In this Nano Teaching, curated from a longer WH program, we explore two ancient teachings about the jewel-like, radiance of your true nature . . . Enjoy:

Highlights from the Nano Teaching:

  • The universe is a net of sacred jewels. Each jewel reflects the infinity of existence. You are a jewel; a universe.
  • Bring your universe into balance that you might meet and recognize the Radiance in your immediate situation.
  • To serve at the deepest level is to see all that arises as the Radiance Itself.
  • Return to the Sun Center and your life Lights Up! All the seeds of wisdom, truth, and goodness germinate and blossom.
  • Trust the Wisdom Heart within you. Let it guide you. The Inner Sun will illuminate your path.

Bonus highlight: My hair looks pretty insane. Blame it on all that mantra chanting ;)

Reflection Question:

What lights up your life?
Share in the comments below.

Big Love & Deep Peace,



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  • Jason

    Came for the hair. Stayed for the teaching.

  • eric

    Love this! Could be a new WH tagline . . . ;)

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