Awakened Goal Setting Part 2: Energize your goals with Power & Bliss

Over the next few weeks we’re going to share a radically different way of goal setting called Awakened Goal Setting.

We’re doing this to offer you an alternative to (reactive) resolutions or (grandiose) goal setting.

If you missed Lesson 1, you can read and listen to it here.

For many on the spiritual path – the idea of goal setting can be off-putting.
But, it doesn’t have to be. Realizing, embodying, and expressing your deep purpose is . . . um . . . the purpose of this life. Unfortunately many of the modern teachings on setting and attaining goals are more ego-driven than soulfully inspired.

The teachings on Awakened Goal Setting remedies that.
The teachings are short, practical and personal – with insights that I’ve learned from discerning my life’s purpose and living it out on a daily basis – along with all the struggles I’ve experienced.

Alright, let’s move on to teaching #2 – read on, or if yo prefer to listen, click here.

When I first moved to San Diego, I had a hard time finding the ocean.

Here’s the reason: I’d lived my whole life on the East coast. I had this deeply embedded sense-of-direction that the ocean was East. So, whenever I wanted to drive to the beach, I’d pull onto Highway 8 . . . heading East. I’d press down on the accelerator and zoom off . . .  towards the desert.

It was like my internal GPS system hadn’t updated itself to living in California.
My internal sense-of-direction was still equating beach with East.

Unless I was paying attention, my automatic pilot, my conditioning, would steer me in the wrong direction.
The same thing can happen to you, when you’re setting goals.

Without mindfulness and awakened presence, the goals you chose may be taking you in the wrong direction. They may be based more on conditioning, on inherited values, than on what’s calling you to awaken and live your true life, your dharma.

When you sit down to set goals – whether for your personal life or your professional career – it’s important that you’re heading in the right direction.

Otherwise, you may set perfectly reasonable and well-designed goals. Goals that are measurable and specific. That have timetables and benchmarks. Robust goals that follow all the guidelines of the goal-setting gurus.

But, there’s a problem and it’s a big one.
The problem is one of direction.

 If your goal is to spend the afternoon at the beach, be sure you’re heading West (if you live in San Diego.)

If you don’t, all the time and effort you put into achieving your goals can take you (and your life) in the wrong direction. You’ll end up in the desert not at the beach –  diving into the ocean.

You may hit the numbers; finish the project; do what you set out to do.  But, even if you win a gold star and lots of applause, you can still have an empty feeling in your heart because you’re moving in the wrong direction.

What’s the wrong direction?
The wrong direction is away from your sacred values. This wrong direction takes you away from your true calling and life purpose.

It’s possible, after all, to set and achieve goals that leave you feeling empty and inauthentic. This happens when your goals are out of synch with your sacred values.

Many people lose track of their sacred values while growing up.
As a child you look to adult authorities for guidance. Without thinking about it, you adopt the values of those older and more experienced. It’s natural and it also can put you on a path that steers you away from the current of power and bliss that flows from your sacred values.

 The problem comes when your goals are directed by values that come from others and not from your core.

You may perform well, but if you are not aligned with your sacred values, passion and purpose are hard to sustain. When you use inherited values to guide your goal setting, you tend to drift off course.

To set goals that follow the current of power and bliss – start with sacred values.

Before you set goals, reconnect to your sacred values.
We introduced a method for doing this in Part 1 of this teaching series.
If you haven’t read (or listened) to that teaching, I suggest that you do so – click here.

When your goals are aligned with sacred values, you’ll not only be more energized and engaged, you’ll also have embodied knowing that you’re moving with the current of authenticity and integrity.

Here’s how to set your right direction & establish goals:

 1) Review your sacred values
Go back to your notes in the Reflection & Embodiment page at the end of Part 1. That’s where you named your sacred values.
(We go very deeply into this process in the What’s Calling You program.)

2) Set your context
Now, consider the context for this goal setting session. Are you focused on your work? A relationship? Your health? Be specific as possible. By setting the context for goal setting, you provide a container within which your sacred values can come to life.

– My context for goal setting is…

3) Embody your values
Next, define what it means for you to embody and express your sacred values in this specific context. Remember, how you live your values can vary with the context. The full and authentic expression of the sacred value love will likely be different at home than at work.

Complete the following sentence. Write from your heart. You’re not yet setting goals. Rather, you’re discovering what it means to you to live your sacred values in this specific context.

– Sacred Value:
– Embodied expression:
What it means for me to live this value fully & authentically in my chosen context:

Now, that you’ve established embodied direction based on your sacred values, it’s time to set goals.

Aligning your goals with your sacred values does not eliminate the inevitable challenges or changes of life.
Life is a bumpy road. And nobody, regardless of how it looks from the outside, gets a smooth ride.

Bumps are manageable when your direction is right.
Bumps are part of the process; the expected ups and downs that you encounter on your path of awakening.

When you’re connected to the inner current of power and bliss, you won’t get knocked of course by the bumps; you won’t lose your way when facing the challenges.

You learn from them and use them to deepen your connection to sacred values. You’ll follow the current all the way to the ocean . . .

Love & Shanti,

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