Awakened Goal Setting: What’s in Your Way?

As the year winds to a close . . . you may wonder what’s next?

What will you create in 2018?
How will you live in 2018?

I’ve been writing/recording a series of reflections on how to transform goal setting from a striving activity to an awakening ritual. To catch up, you can read these:

Teaching 1: End Burnout, Confusion, Overwhelm
Teaching 2: Energize your goals with Power & Bliss

Also, for those who want to go deeper, we’ll be offering our premier program What’s Calling You in mid-February 2018. Be the first to know when we open registration, get on the wait list here.

Okay, now let’s get into the next teaching:

Why Is Not Enough
Much has been written about the importance of finding your Why in life.
But, not all whys are created equal.

There’s a good-why and there’s a bad-why.
One opens your eyes wider leading you towards wisdom, insight, and a more
creative future. The other closes your eyes and leads you deeper into the mud-muck-mire.
So what’s the difference between the good-why and the bad-why?

  • The bad-why casts you in the victim role and positions you as a bug underneath the foot of Life.
  • The good-why puts you in the learner role and positions you as a disciple sitting at the feet of Life.

Watch this 4 minute video for a powerful, immediate way to shift your mind from bad-why to good-why:

Reflection & Application
1) Identify a situation/relationship/condition where you’re currently in the mud-muck-mire.

2) Now take the perspective that this is happening not to you but for you and complete the following sentences.

This situation/relationship/condition is:

Supporting me to focus on . . .

Reminding me to let go of . . .

Inviting me to courageously . . .

Calling me to compassionately . . .

Prompting me to develop greater . . .

Urging me to risk . . .

Teaching me that . . .

3) Take a few centering breaths and read the above sentences aloud.
Listen and allow the meaning of the words to enter your heart and mind.

4) What are you aware of now?

Share your insights in the comments below

Love & Shanti


P.S. Next Step?
If you want to fully embody your sacred values, claim and share your gifts, and follow your true calling, get on the wait list to learn more about our program – What’s Calling You. It’s our deepest dive program and I teach it “live” once a year.


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  • Cindy

    Hi Eric,

    I am very interested in how to rekindle meaning in my life, now that a four year old injury with accompanying dependence and intractable pain seems to have extinguished my joy. You say this has happened for me to develop courage. Yes, and I am courageous. But I can’t seem to find the open heartedness and my loving nature which provided the meaning in my life before. Most of the time I feel like a burden to my husband, useless that I can’t go down stairs to feed myself, much less cook for him. All of the things I used to do to show my love are now gone. I can be his friend, but I can’t do things for him anymore.

    You use the team ‘leadership’ in this video, and all of a sudden I lost your point. It seemed like you were only talking to people who are leading. That is definitely not me, so would please comment on how debilitating illness fits within your paradigm, and also what you mean by ‘leadership’ in this context?

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