Riding the Rapids in a World Gone Wild

Imagine that you’re seated comfortably in a sturdy inner tube, floating lazily down a beautiful river. The sun is shining warmly on your skin. The gentle current moves you along as the water keeps you cool and comfortable. But, then you float around the bend and instead of a lazy current – there are rapids!! Yikes!!

It’s like life that river.

As long as the conditions of life are flowing along in accord with our expectations and capacities – all is well. But, when we hit the inevitable changes come, when the currents of change churn and roil, tossing and turning our hearts and minds . . . It’s easy to get disoriented, confused, and to feel like you’re struggling to keep your head above water.

The disorientation isn’t primarily a matter of what’s happening outside.

It’s not primarily the rapids of change that create the struggle. It’s not the other people – even those who seem to be in power.

It’s our own capacity to meet the rapids with mindfulness, clarity, courage, and creativity. So, it’s our capacity that we need to cultivate.

But, there’s a catch . . . and it’s built into our neurology.

What’s the catch?

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The easiest time to cultivate meditative capacity is when the river of life is flowing smoothly.

There’s nothing demanding your attention. All is relatively calm. That means you can devote yourself to meditation, spiritual practice, and the cultivation of mindful presence.

Illustration by Eric Klein

Except, we typically don’t.


Because this is also the easiest time to forget about spiritual practice.

The mind thinks, “Why bother? The sun is out. The water’s fine.”

That’s the nature of the untrained mind. It only turns towards spiritual practice when the going gets rough.

Good news!! We’re in the rapids!!

The world is going wild. The minds are churning.

It’s time to practice!!

That’s why we’re offering a special Equinox program this month.

Equinox Special:

Drip, Drip, Drip Meditation:

The 4 Keys to a Powerful Daily Practice

This teaching – until now – was only available to Wisdom Heart Community members.

It’s a simple, powerful program that will show you how to establish (or re-establish) your meditation practice using the drip, drip, drip method.

In this program you will:

Get crystal clear about why you are practicing and the journey you are on. This clarity is essential to keep you focused and effortlessly returning to the cushion.

Establish a daily rhythm that fits your life. You’ll learn how to ride the cycles of daytime and nighttime to find your ideal meditation schedule.

Harness the power of intensity. When you tap the power of intensity – your life transforms. But, intensity is not effort or even concentration – both of which produce only short-term effects. Intensity is simpler and deeper. It’s the secret to cultivating your life-awakening practice.

Honor the impulse of awakening that is calling you.

Learn how to meditatively align your life with your deepest purpose by freeing your mind and heart from habits of self-sabotage.

The program includes:

2 Teachings (video & audio)

In these teachings, Eric explains in depth how to:

  • Switch your neurology from anxiety to a state of rest and receptivity, and renewal.
  • Cultivate effortless absorption in the meditative state.
  • Wake up to the deeper purpose of your life.
  • RIde the energy of the Equinox into joyful meditative awareness.
  • Open to the transformative blessing that is Ever-present.
  • Fall in love with the practice (so you never have to force yourself to do it again).

 2 Nano Teachings (video)

These short (illustrated) teachings distill the deepest wisdom playfully, revealing:

  • How to free yourself from karmic patterns of self-sabotage
  • The stages of spiritual development
  • What it really means to awaken in the present moment
  • How the intensity of your practice transforms your life

E-book: The Drip, Drip, Drip Method

This short book explains the power of the drip approach and how to integrate it into your life.

2 Guided Meditations (audio)

Choose between the 10-minute and 20-minute versions of this powerful daily practice.

Premium Bonus #1

 Invocation for Meditation: Opening Your Heart to the Sacred (video)

This video is a powerful blessing. In it, Devi teaches and demonstrates how to practice the Wisdom Heart Invocation. As you watch and listen, you will understand and experience:

  • The purpose and structure of Invocation
  • How to lift and attune your consciousness to the highest awareness
  • What it means to open, merge, and become the blessings you seek.
  • How invocation allows you to let go of the everyday mind and going deep.

Premium Bonus #2

Getting to the Root: How to release the conditioning that holds you back (audio & written teaching)

In this direct teaching, you’ll learn how to work with the deep patterns of self-confinement that limit your full realization & expression of joy, truth, and wisdom.

Premium Bonus #3

 Transforming Boredom into Radiance (video) In this teaching, you’ll learn how to overcome boredom and avoid the common problem of stopping the practice – just when it’s about to go deep.

The early-bird price ends tomorrow.

Why could I not practice regularly until now? It now feels so easy . . . I realized today what you mean by falling in love with the practice. I woke up and looked forward to sitting on my cushion. Thank you for this program. It has brought me to a deeper practice after many tries in vain.

Sigrid Beck


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