The Spiritual Practice of Goal Setting: How to Overcome the New Year’s Resolution Trap

  • What are your intentions for 2011?
  • What do you want to realize, create, and experience in the new year?

These kinds of questions – about intentions and goals – naturally arise at the beginning of any cycle.

They’re good questions. It’s important to ask yourself – what you really want to create in the next cycle, in the new year. But, how you answer these questions is critical.

Because, you know that most New Year’s resolutions fail. They have a shelf-life of three to four weeks at best. It’s almost a cliché – establish resolutions in January and forget them by February. The way most of us set New Year’s goals doesn’t work.

There’s something wrong with the New Year’s resolution process.

Otherwise it wouldn’t keep short-circuiting in a matter of weeks. What causes the mind to set and abandon goals so easily? To start with a bang and end with a whimper?

So, how can you initiate 2011 in a way that will allow you to sustain focus, deepen awareness, and realize what matters most to you?

  • How can you apply the insights of the spiritual traditions to your goal setting process?
  • What do the mystics and sages have to offer us, as we begin a new cycle of creation – a New Year?

This is what we’ll be exploring on Sundays in January.

Please join us for:

The First Sunday of the New Year – Meditation & Brunch

January 2, 2011

Meditation 10am-11am, Brunch follows (for more on Sunday meditations – click here.)

This special meditation practice will set the framework for a new approach to goal setting including:

  • The three questions you must ask – in order set and realize your deepest goals.
  • The connection between recurring problems and spiritual breakthroughs
  • How to deepen your commitment and build momentum

To help our brunch planning – please RSVP.