What if changing your life could be struggle-free?

(When you invest your time, energy, and money in changing – you expect to change. But it doesn’t always work out that way.)

You’ve had moments of breaking free.
Times when you’ve felt strong, grounded, and open. When your choices and actions were struggle-free. You met life – even challenges – with creativity, balance, and undefended heart. So you know it’s possible.

But finding your way back to that place of freedom, love, and power is . . . elusive.
Why? Because the patterns of the past reassert themselves. The thoughts and emotions of unresolved history rise up again and again. There’s an ancient Sanskrit word of all the unresolved history and repetitive patterns. It’s karma. You won’t move forward until you transform that karma – so the energy of the old patterns fuels your new life.

Introducing the FREE book:

This book is free but it’s not fluff.
I’m giving it away so you can experience these teachings and get to know me and the Wisdom Heart approach. I’ve selected five of the most powerful chapters from the text and created a special guided meditation for you, as well,

While I’ve got the traditional spiritual credentials (ordained teacher in a 5,000 year old yoga lineage), my mission is to translate the ancient wisdom into forms that you can use now in your life. Effective spirituality for real life – potent and practical.

Along with the sampler, you’ll get the Wisdom Heart newsletter which brings on-going insights, humor, and life-changing practices to your inbox.

Here’s a taste from the book (PDF):
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What’s included in the free sampler?:

5 life changing chapters (selected from the 50 Ways program)

A guided meditations on MP3 (that is only available with this free offer)

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Buzz about 50 Ways

Allow these doodles and words to teach you and guide you – you will be so delighted you did. Then take a course from Eric or attend one of his retreats, and you’ll be even more delighted.

Everything about Eric’s work and guidance is nourishing, powerful, and real. He is one of my most trusted teachers – for my heart and for my own teaching and writing. Best of all, he teaches me through lightness and love.

— Jen Louden
Best-selling author and creator of the Savor & Serve Experiment


Eric, your dharma doodles always catch me. They make me stop, breathe, smile, and then almost always something in my heart -clicks- and I can relax and trust.

Thank you for cutting through the guff and helping make such timeless wisdom accessible and helpful. You’ve got a gift, man.

— Mark Silver
Heart of Business, Inc.
Designated Master Teacher in the Shaddhilliyya Sufi Tariqawww.heartofbusiness.com


Eric Klein’s writing makes me laugh with straight-forward advice to the day-to-day experience of being unlimited beings in a limited world. In some parts of the book, it feels like he wrote it expressly FOR ME.

Eric explains complex concepts in every-person language. It’s empathy on the page.    My favorite is the “un-habituate” chapter. I used that advice right away to change some habits that weren’t doing me (or the world) any favors.  

Get 50 ways today. Put it in your bathroom. Commit to a new way each week.  Your life will change.

— Bridget Pilloud
creator of the Intuitive Bridge


I’ve been trying to meditate for years. It sounds something like ‘hurry up, hurry up, get enlightenment, hurry up, squirrel…’ In other words, not only have I been bad at it, I’ve been doing it for the wrong reasons. (Yes,there may be a connection.)

Eric’s beautiful book has not only shown me a path so that I’ve actually been able to build a meditation practice, but it’s taught me the science (it makes my brain better) and the art (it deepens my ability to focus and connect with who and what matters) of the whole thing. Which just may be enlightenment after all.

— Michael Bungay Stanier


I absolutely love 50 Ways to Leave Your Karma. This is what you get when someone as funny, articulate, intelligent and warm as Eric decides to write about the wisdom of the ages, and of his own 40 years of practice.

From how to ‘read your gut’ to finding your own blind spot, Eric’s uniquely accessible prose and delightful doodles share the very rich fruits of his decades of study.

— Marianne Elliott
writer, human rights advocate and yoga teacher
creator of 30 Days of Yoga


This deceptively simple book reveals profound truths in ways that are easy to access and easy to act upon. It gives a whole new and constructive meaning to the phrase “actionable intelligence.”

When Eric Klein sent me a draft of 50 Ways to Leave Your Karma to review, my immediate response was to ask his permission to share it right away with a very dear loved one who was going through an intense period of emotional growth and crucial life choices.

— Roger Cole, Ph.D.
Internationally renowned yoga teacher, Yoga Journal columnist


I picked up 50 Ways to Leave Your Karma to have a little fun and maybe pick up a spiritual tip or two. I soon found myself captivated, not only by the “Dharma “Doodles,” but also by the writing. Eric Klein has a style that is light and deep, warm and incisive. The only reason I didn’t read it all at one sitting is that each of the 50 ways is worth savoring.

— Molly Gordon
Author – The Accidental Entrepreneur, Business Coach

50 Ways to Leave Your Karma is like mainlining a potent cocktail of spiritual wisdom and pragmatic action stirred up with splashes of humor and personal story, cooled by cubes of visual brilliance, then garnished with humanity.  I’m pretty sure just reading it rearranged my molecules.   

— Michele Lisenbury Christensen
Author – The 12 Elements of Power, Executive Coach


  We love the way Eric Klein’s words and pictures sound the wake-up call so needed at this crucial time. The 50 pithy cartoon and essay chapters take the best thinking on personal development and creating success to a deeper level by grounding each idea in spiritual wisdom instead of ego.

— Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN
Co-Director, International Nurse Coach Association
Author, Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice and Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer
–Larry Dossey, MD
Executive Editor, Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing
Author, Power of Premonitions and Healing Words


Klein, you have the radiance that true teachers have — from a diamond heart chiseled on plenty of practice. 50 Ways to Leave Your Karma is like a power bar for the mind — packed with wisdom that can only be good for you.

— Danielle LaPorte
Creator of WhiteHotTruth.com and The Fire Starter Sessions

Eric Klein’s book shines with personality, wisdom, simplicity, humor, and more wisdom.
His call to greater awareness beckons…and his path to transform habitual thinking and patterns that no longer serve us illuminates the way forward.

— Dr. Mollie Marti
Walking with Justice and editor of http://www.bestlifedesign.com/home