You know how it feels when life moves with ease, meaning, and flow.

You’ve experienced the goodness and energy that arises when you’re aligned and connected to the Sacred – to the Truth of your Being.
It’s that feeling – that way of living – that matters more than anything.

Yet, it’s still incredibly easy to lose the connection.

To shift from presence into tension; from flow into anxiety. To struggle with – or even against – life. The more you struggle, the more your vision darkens and your wisdom fades away.

Then you doubt yourself.

Lose confidence. See the world as a hopeless mess.
Inside there’s this fatigued voice asking, “What’s the point?”
And another voice wondering, “Is something wrong . . . with me?”

So, how can you get back on your path?

Instead of being submerged in heaviness, doubt, fear, and cynicism – how can you re-connect to the life-giving source of energy, truth, and guidance?

Face Fear – Live Free
A 40-Day Experience of the Bhagavad Gita

The challenges of stress, struggle, and spiritual confusion aren’t new.

People have been wrestling with how to live an awakened life for millenia. One of the clearest, deepest, and most practical answers to this profoundly human question is a yogic text that is over 2,500 years old.

It’s called the Bhagavad Gita.

This program is based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita – one of the world’s most precious texts of spiritual wisdom. As cosmic as it is grounded, the Gita reveals how to:

  • Free yourself from self-sabotage, doubt, and fear
  • Make meditation a way of life
  • Live with greater joy, wisdom, and courage
  • Serve the awakening of the world

The Gita is a guidebook that teaches how to:

End Struggle

Let go of what no longer serves you.

Connect to Wisdom

Open to the Sacred within and all around you.

Be Who You Are

Embody your dharma moment-to-moment.

When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-Gita and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow. Those who meditate on the Gita will derive fresh joy and new meanings from it
every day.

The Ultimate Spiritual guide for Uncertain Times.

I’ve been studying, meditating on, and living into the Gita’s teachings for 45 years. In this program, I’ve distilled the text into a series of clear explanations, deep practices, and applied wisdom. You’ll receive a spiritually powerful, psychologically healthy, and down-to-earth process to:

  • Untangle your life from the illusions of conditioning
  • Experience the blessing of Pure Being
  • Strengthen your capacity to embody and express your dharma

“Reading the GIta on my own left me stumped – how could this story set on a battlefield in ancient India have anything to do with my spiritual awakening?

Then, along came Eric, who manages to skillfully decode the meaning within this ancient text, making it accessible and relevant to anyone interested in transforming themselves and the way they experience life.

He does so using his gifts of wisdom and the desire to help others on their path, along with his delightful sense of humor. Eric’s enthusiasm for, and dedication to, sharing teachings such as these is apparent to anyone who has been fortunate enough to study with him. He truly is a gifted teacher.”

– Jean Van Bonn, California

How it works: the Wisdom Heart “drip system” learning method.

We use a drip system approach that brings you the Gita wisdom over 12 weeks. You receive small, easy-to-absorb “drips” of experience, information, and inspiration take you deeper day-by-day.

Why the drip . . . drip . . . drip?

Because we want you to integrate the teachings and assimilate the changes that the program will initiate. We’re not after a big experience that fades away. Our learning methodology weaves the awakening process into your daily life.

What you receive.


Daily Teachings (In both written PDF & audio MP3 formats)

You’ll receive 40 daily teachings spread out over 12 weeks (3 months). Four days a week, you receive an inspiring teaching delivered in written and recorded form. On the fifth day, you’ll receive a summary of the week’s teachings. The weekends are for reflection and integration.

The pace of the program is designed to optimize the transmission. It’s not a fire hose of information. It’s a transformative process that uses daily inspirations to shift your mindset, lift your attitude, and deepen your understanding.

Meditation Practices (In audio MP3 format)

The guided spiritual practices gently and skillfully take you beyond the mind. Professionally recorded, these artful meditations and heart-opening mantras connect you with the sources of wisdom, guidance, strength, and healing within.

The recordings can be downloaded directly to your computer and, from there, to your mp3 player of choice.

A 226-page book of Gita teachings & commentary

We value beauty, simplicity, and clarity. Creating learning materials is our art. That’s why the written materials for this program are beautiful to the eye and pleasing to the heart.

These written teachings are not rough transcriptions of the audios. This is a professionally edited and designed book filled with inspiring writing and reflective exercises.

Reflective Journal
Deepen your understanding with this specially created reflective journal. The questions and reflections in the journal highlight key teachings and invite you to integrate the teachings into your life.

Premium Level participation includes these bonuses:

Bonus #1: How to Live Your Dharma & the Best Yoga for Your Soul

These Bonus video teachings take you deeper into some of the GIta’s key principles and practices: living your dharma, the best yoga for your soul, what it really means to surrender. Eric also explains how to practice meditative reading and how to “listen” for the Gita’s teachings in your daily life.

Bonus #2: Monthly Coaching Calls (Live!)

A transformational process like this brings up “stuff” – and that’s good news. Working with what comes up – the emotions, fears, questions, reactions – is best done in dialogue with an experienced guide.

That’s what the live coaching calls are for. Each month you’re invited to participate in a real-time dialogue with Eric & Devi where you can examine how integrate the teachings and practices into the unique pattern of your life conditions. (All calls are recorded. So it’s okay if you’re not there live. You can listen at any time.)

Bonus #3 Private Facebook Forum

Nobody awakens in a vacuum. This private forum is a place to get and give support (both are essential). Eric is active on the forum, responding to real time questions.

Bonus #4: One Year of Wisdom Heart Community teachings ($270 value)

At the premium level, you’ll receive the members-only Wisdom Heart teachings for 9 months after the Gita program. This means you’ll get weekly videos, audios, articles of teachings and meditations, along with live monthly calls, and daily support in the private forum for 9 months following this program.

– a $270 value.

Everything about Eric’s work and guidance is nourishing, powerful, and real. He is one of my most trusted teachers – for my heart and for my own teaching and writing. Best of all, he teaches me through lightness and love.”


– Jen Louden
best-selling author and creator of the Writer’s Oasis

3 Ways to Participate

1) Dip your toe in: Check out the first 4 lessons for FREE.

If you aren’t quite ready to commit, we invite you to access the first four lessons for FREE. This will allows you to experience the Wisdom Heart approach.

After the first four lessons, notice for yourself whether you want to go deeper. If you feel the deep and wholehearted call to join us on this awakening journey – you can enroll in the Gita program (at standard or premium levels).

2) Standard Program: Perfect for DIY

When you choose the Standard Program option, you’ll receive the daily teachings, guided practices, a beautiful book of Gita commentaries and with reflective journal questions. This is a perfect for the self-directed student. If you want more support, teachings, and interaction – choose the Premium Program.

3) Premium Program: Live support & 1 year of Wisdom Heart Community teachings

Along with everything in included in The Standard Program, you receive bonus videos, monthly coaching calls, the private Facebook group, and a year of Wisdom Heart Community teachings (these additional WH teachings are a $270 value). This LIVE program only happens once per year, and begins Sept. 24th, 2017. 

Dip Your Toe In

Standard Program

Premium Program

(LIVE! Includes 12 months of Wisdom Heart teachings)
First 4 lessons (audios & written)
12 weeks of teachings & guided meditations
Gita commentary book & reflective journal
3 Bonus Video teachings
Live Coaching Calls
Private Facebook group
1 year of Wisdom Heart teachings, practices, and support ($270 value)






($540 value)

“I’d tried to read the Gita several times and even went to some classes, but it never caught me. And I’d wondered about how brilliant people, like Thoreau and Oppenheimer who famously quote it, got through it! Now I see: It has so much to do with the translation and interpretation! The translations this program uses are astoundingly beautiful, uplifting and compelling. And Eric’s interpretation brings them so directly into my own life and practice. It has literally been thrilling to experience the Gita in this way and feel the richness expanding my practice.”

– Lisa Johnson, Trabuco Canyon, CA


Click the questions to see the answers.

What if I don’t have enough time and fall behind?

We have a slogan at Wisdom Heart – you proceed at the pace of integration. In other words, you can’t fall behind of you’re following your own authentic pace. For example, if you listen to one teaching over and over for three months – and find it meaningful – you’re not falling behind.

So what’s the actual time commitment?

Four days a week you’ll receive a teaching (in both recorded and written form). The recordings are about 15 minutes long (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less). Each recording moves you seamlessly into a meditative state. You can stay in meditation for as long as you choose. You can also read the lessons – if you prefer to learn that way.


I’m new to the Gita, will I still understand the content and benefit from the program?

No prior study or familiarity is needed to benefit from this program. Everything is explained in clear, practical language with a focus on how to apply the teachings to your life and spiritual practice.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

All calls are recorded and distributed to participants. You can listen at your leisure.

I’m not into Facebook, will I majorly miss out on something

The private FB group is a wonderful place to be in conversation with others who are in the program. But, it’s not essential to get great benefit and blessings from these teachings. It’s an add-on (and an awesome one) but not a must-have.

“Years – actually decades – ago I first attempted to read the Bhagavad Gita. It was an interesting story. Great minds such as Emerson and Thoreau had found wisdom in it. Yet, it remained just so many words on paper for me.

The way Eric Klein reintroduced me to the Gita it became not just a “song celestial” but a very personal here-and-now journey. He brought it out of the clouds into what I call “earth language”. What struck me most was experiencing this conversation between Krishna and Arjuna as meditation. Eric’s teaching took me to that place where time stops and wisdom emerges.”

– John Burik, Milford, Ohio

I knew very little about the Gita prior to this program and found the readings and Eric’s guidance incredibly valuable.  The wisdom contained in this important text, along with Eric’s insightful commentary allowed me to take my meditation practice to a deeper level.  I am very grateful to Eric for the gift of these profound meditations and could not have found a better teacher and text at this point in my practice.”

– Bonnie Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio

Our Karma-Free Guarantee

It feels bad to receive money from people when they aren’t happy with what they get.
So we’re offering you this Karma-free Guarantee:

If, after the first 2 weeks of the program, you aren’t happy with what we’re offering – for any reason whatsoever – let us know. We’ll refund your payment. Ask anytime in the first two weeks of the program – and we’ll refund 100% of the money you paid for the course. There are no refunds after the first two weeks of a live program. There are no refunds after the first two weeks from the purchase date of DIY programs.

Plus, if you let me know what you didn’t like about it, I’ll give you a recommendation for a book, author, website, or other resource that might suit you much better.

I’m really wanting you to get the help you need, no matter where it comes from.

EricStill not sure?

If you’re interested in this program but aren’t quite sure if it’s a fit for you, please email me with your questions. I promise not to hard sell. Ask me anything, let’s figure it out.

This work is sacred, deep, and while you don’t have to be totally at ease before starting – it’s important to address your questions and concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

Email me here.