If meditation is so good for you (and you know it is) then why aren’t you practicing?

You don’t need to be convinced about the value of meditation.

You’ve read enough to know: meditation works. It’s good for your body, mind, productivity, and soul. Beyond the books, you’ve experienced moments of . . . um . . . meditation. (You’ve tasted the peace, the relief, and meaning that fills you when the mind is still – even for just a few seconds.)

(How can you stay connected to your deepest purpose – even in difficult and uncertain times?)

You don’t need to be convinced about the value of meditation.

You’ve read enough to know: meditation works. It’s good for your body, mind, productivity, and soul. Beyond the books, you’ve experienced moments of . . . um . . . meditation. (You’ve tasted the peace, the relief, and meaning that fills you when the mind is still – even for just a few seconds.)

“I wish I could meditate.”

I meet people everyday who, when they learn that I teach meditation tell me, “I wish I could meditate. But, I don’t think I can. I’ve tried.” The reason they’ve struggled isn’t because they can’t meditate. So, why do they struggle?

It’s because the way that meditation is presented and taught doesn’t work for most people.

What are you doing? Meditating.I started meditating over 40 years ago.

In the beginning I floundered and struggled. Then I cracked the how-to-create-a-practice-you-love code. That was over 16,000 days ago. I haven’t skipped a day since.

I’d like you to enjoy that same consistency and the benefits that come with a daily meditation practice.

You don’t have to wish you could meditate.

You can have a practice that you wake up eager to do – every day. That you look forward to. Relish. Even love.

This is an entirely unique program delivered via audio, video, and written materials – people from all over the world can participate in a way that works with their schedule. No matter where you live in the world, this program will work for your schedule. People from every continent have benefited from this proven program.

This course is designed to:

  • Establish your life-long habit of daily meditation.
  • Dissolve the obstacles that sabotage consistency & progress.
  • Bring meditative awareness into your daily life.

The course will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step (breath-by-breath) to establish a daily meditation practice that fits seamlessly into your life.

jean-johnson-150x150I was skeptical and wondered if this program would be worth my time and money. I get offers every day through newsletters and emails to improve myself by spending money.

It was worth way more than I paid for it because I see return every day. I can be more present in my life. In my personal life – I can be in the beauty of the moment. And I have a sense of more spaciousness with my work.

It actually does do what you promise it will do.

I wanted to move into meditation more deeply and sustain a daily practice. The lessons were almost magical in bringing in just what I needed – at the right time. And as I re-read the written pieces, I’m discovering more and more depth. It’s all so thoughtful and nicely crafted.

Your willingness to connect with me as a person is remarkable and lovely in this internet world. When I asked a question, you would actually respond. This isn’t a hugely expensive program – yet you’re right there. This created an environment of gentle accountability that really opened me up. This program is fabulous. I got more than I expected.

Jean Johnson
Minneapolis, MN

The program combines:

  • The most current findings on the neurology & psychology of behavior change.
  • The time-tested practices of the Wisdom Heart tradition (over 5,000 years and counting).

MH venn diagram color

Habit training & inner work that is supportive & dynamic.

  • Habit training: You will learn the behavioral, psychological, neurological, and spiritual techniques for building (and sustaining) the meditation habit. Note: these techniques can be applied to any habit you choose (personal or professional).
  • Inner work: The Meditation Habit includes a structured sequence of daily practices and inspirational messages. The sequence will dissolve the patterns of resistance and self-sabotage that have kept you from fully enjoying the benefits (and blessings) of meditation.
  • Supportive and dynamic: You have access to a community of creative, like-minded people who are ready to support you in developing the Meditation Habit.

jean van boonI have started and stopped meditating for years and periodically experienced what seemed like a consistent meditation practice, but then I’d stop again. I have participated in retreats and used a number of systems or programs over the years and, while most of them helped me to get excited about starting or recommitting to a regular meditation practice, none helped me to sustain or deepen my practice – until I found Wisdom Heart’s Meditation Habit Program.

I have not missed a day on the cushion since day one of the program, and, most importantly, I haven’t wanted to skip a single day, even while traveling. My practice began deepening before the program itself was over and has continued to do so to this day. It must be the blending of traditional wisdom teachings with modern behavior change science, along with Eric’s special teaching abilities, that does the trick!

I have even used the techniques in other areas of my life to develop or change habits and am amazed at how effective they are. A big thanks to Eric for guiding me back to the cushion and keeping me there!”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this program. It worked! It truly helped me re-establish space and time for bringing meditation practice back into my daily life.

Instead of telling myself I should meditate, I now wake up and actually DO it without hesitation and a deep sense of looking forward to this intimate space.

The program is so well put together. The structure feels like a safety net, where I immerse myself and unfold into daily practice step-by-step.

Your guiding voice is an additional bonus emitting such deep love and connection; your poetic language a joy to listen to. Your passion is tangible and contagious. You are a true Master Teacher of Meditation to me. Instead of just telling me what to do, you find ways to get me there.

How it works.

We use a drip system approach.

Small, easy-to-absorb “drips” of experience & information take you deeper day-by-day for 27 days. Why the drip . . . drip . . . drip?

Because you’re building a daily habit.

So taking small, well-designed steps is the key.
How small? Each step takes less than 15 minutes a day.

The 27-day program is divided into five parts:

Part I ~ The Foundation: The Science of Habit Change & the Art of Awakening

The first three days set the foundation for building the meditation habit.

Taking the time to get ready, establish the mental, emotional, and physical foundation – is key to habit building.

  • Take a “tour” of the total program.
  • Define and demystify what meditation really is.
  • Clarify and activate your motivation.
  • Learn what promotes and what derails daily practice.
  • Practice the Four Elements of Meditation.

Part II ~ Getting in the Groove: Weaving the Meditation Habit into Your Body & Brain

The next seven days focus on creating the inner and outer conditions that will make the habit of meditation irresistible to your body and brain. By integrating the best of modern neuroscience and psychology with the time-tested practices of the yoga tradition – you’ll naturally get into the meditative groove.

Part III ~ Letting the Mud Settle: From Mental Chatter to Inner Stillness

These seven days take you deeper into the practice as you explore different practices for balancing consciousness. Establishing the habit of meditation in your life involves mindful experimentation – through which you discover the way of practice that works for your body and mind.

Part IV ~ Embracing Your Path: Personalize the Practice

Having discovered the style of practice that works for you – it’s time to go deeper. These seven days teach you how to “trouble-shoot” your practice, stay on track, and intensify your experience – without burning out.


Part V ~ Moving Forward: By Staying Present

The last three days of the program solidify the progress you’ve made and prepare you to sustain the practice . . . for a lifetime (or more).


The Meditation Habit integrates the best of ancient wisdom with the latest findings in brain and learning research.

There’s tremendous wisdom in the ancient teachings. Science is confirming that. But the sit-under-a-tree method . . . needs updating. That’s what we’ve done with The Meditation Habit. We’ve applied cutting edge, brain-friendly learning methods.

“Eric Klein’s teaching makes meditation accessible to beginners while deepening and enriching the practice of experienced practitioners. Eric’s brand of wisdom, humor, and commitment will get you in the meditation habit!”

seamus“Thank you with all my heart for introducing me to the meditation habit.
 I am repeating the program – now on day 6 of the second round and enjoying every minute of it.

I am starting to discover myself and remember who I am and what I am. Pure Love.

I have even started remembering my dreams which is something new. The result of the mediation is having profound effects on my outer life as well as my inner.”

– Seamus Kavanagh, Claregalway, Ireland

The Meditation Habit Program includes:

27 Practice modules (in mp3 and PDF formats, delivered as digital downloads)

These are the formal practices. You can listen or read them.

These daily practices will:

  • Naturally build meditative momentum
  • Take you deeper day-by-day
  • Help you tailor the practice to your unique needs
  • Show you how to overcome the obstacles to consistent practice

27 Inspiration-Information modules (in mp3, video, and PDF formats, delivered as digital downloads)

To establish the life-long meditation habit, it’s important to understand what you’re doing and why it works.

These crisp, clear, compelling modules in the form of short articles, dharma doodles, audios, and videos will:

  • Explain the science of meditation – and how it applies to your life
  • Enhance your health, productivity, and relationships using meditative awareness.
  • Keep you inspired and motivated.

Building the meditation habit doesn’t take a lot of time. But it doesn’t take a lot of time – if the learning process is well-designed.

Professionally designed workbook (PDF format)

Aesthetic materials facilitate the learning process. Besides, we like beautiful design. You’ll be pleased to know that the Meditation Habit workbook has been professionally designed. This is no mocked-up Word document with clip art, but a delightful-to-the-eye learning manual.

The downloadable workbook contains all the teachings, meditations, and exercise along with dharma doodles to illustrate the points. Active links within the workbook take you to all the recordings and videos.

  1. All written materials are in easy-to-read PDF format.
  2. All audio is professionally created and each audio is tagged, making it very easy to find in your mp3 player. Each audio is like a professionally created music file downloaded from iTunes.
  3. Checklist are designed so you can print them out and use them over and over again.
  4. Videos are short and inspiring, instead of droning on and on.

Daily Meditation Habit emails

These emails deliver the daily practice and inspiration modules to your inbox. In each email there are additional links to a special private Facebook group where you can celebrate your progress, ask questions, give and get support.

In certain emails you’ll be invited to communicate directly with Eric. When you do . . . you could receive a surprise bonus. Fun!

Five recorded teachings with Eric

Eric-Teaching-300These recorded teachings take you deeper into the practice.

Topics include:

  • How to deal with emotions and troubling thoughts
  • Overcoming fidgeting and physical discomfort
  • Working with the breath to soothe the nervous system
  • The true nature of spiritual awareness
  • Integrating meditative presence into daily life

And more.

Special report – Guided Meditations & The Inner Teacher

How to use guided meditations to support your daily practice.

Private Online Community

There is a private members only community discussion area for the premium participants. This is place to continue the conversation, track progress, get and give support, and ask questions of Eric.

Meditation doesn’t have to be hard.

When you’re comfortable and enjoying the process, you learn easily The new behaviors stick. Changes happen. It’s fun.

The tone, tempo, and design of The Meditation Habit – makes you comfortable and so you can absorb the benefits of the practice day-by-day.

If you want to make a bigger difference in the world – meditation is the master habit.

You don’t retreat from the world when you meditate. You step more fully, more courageously, more mindfully into your true life.

Throughout the program, you’ll be invited to engage in short meditation-in-action experiments, to discover how meditation can infuse your life with greater awareness, creativity, and effectiveness.

Devi ritual objects 1A tiny glimpse into what you’ll learn:

  • The four building blocks of the Meditation Habit. There’s a structure to meditation. When you understand this structure, you can combine the meditative building blocks to create a practice that fits your unique mind, life, and practice style.
  • Spotting a distraction before it derails your practice. You’ll learn how to spot distracting thoughts, emotions, sensations – without getting distracted. This will save you years frustration and going round in circles.
  • The do’s and don’ts of self-discipline. Self-discipline is like walking a razor’s edge. Too much discipline becomes self-punishing. Too little is self-indulging. Neither creates the life-long habit of meditation. Learn how to calibrate self-discipline – so that it truly works for you and your meditation habit.
  • How to deepen your practice (without spending more time meditating.) The depth of your practice – and its impact on your life is not directly related to how long you meditate. Learn how to go deeper without watching the clock.
  • What to do if your mind doesn’t get quiet. You’ll learn how to meditate – really meditate – even when your mind keeps thinking and thinking.
  • Was that a good meditation? Learn how to assess/measure/evaluate your meditation practice in a way that promotes: peace of mind, momentum, and depth. Applying principle alone will eliminate hours of teeth-gnashing, frustration, and self-doubt.
  • Understanding what makes practice boring–and how to avoid that common trap. It’s not enough to know what you love about meditation. There are factors that make it boring – and lifeless – too. What are those factors?
  • How to use structure to build up momentum. Without structure your practice becomes random. The structure of meditation is what will enable you to avoid making the mistakes that cause most people to stop practicing.

I wasn’t sure if I really needed to take this program. I thought, “I should be able to sort this out for myself.” What drew me towards it was knowing how valuable meditation is and can be and, frankly, I needed a guide.

Since starting the program, I’ve been wanting to do it everyday. My life is complex with children and traveling for business. My schedule varies. Before taking this program, it was challenging to get meditation into my life blood.

You showed me how to connect the meditation practice to my day, and I haven’t missed a day since I started, which I’m really pleased about. The motivation is there now.

I love the design of this program. I suffer from information overload, so the bite-sized delivery was ideal, and the order was just right. You give enough variety so I could find the practice that works for me.

Your style really works for me because it is light and humorous. Clearly you bring a lot of personal experience and wisdom. You and your team were very attentive. I felt like I wasn’t alone – which is important.

– Daniel Stane, London, England

A new way to teach an ancient practice

The traditional way of teaching meditation developed 5,000 years ago. The teacher sat under a tree. The students gathered around. The pace back then was . . . a . . . lot . . .slower. It could take years to learn the basics.

It’s a lovely approach if you have the time.
But it doesn’t work for those of us who want to build the meditation habit while living in the wired-wild-working world.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

For one, I know how it feels to sit down to meditate only to be faced with a wild and crazy mind. I started practicing when I was a teenager in New York City. There were only two yoga centers at the time – in the whole city. (Now, there are two on every block.)

EPSON scanner imageI was there when the first wave of yogis, gurus, and zen masters came from East to West.
I dove in and thrashed around in the deep waters. I had a lot of experiences and met most of the big names. Happily, I navigated out of the silliness to discover a sane, grounded, scientific, and deeply spiritual approach to practice. One that allowed me to build an ever-deepening daily habit.

I haven’t missed a day in over 40 years.
Why would I? I know how to practice in a way that works. That continues to enrich my life with wonder, creativity, and ever-expanding appreciation for the miracle of meditation.


E & K at Maui BeachI’m a lineage holder
I’m one of the very few westerners to be an ordained teacher in a 5,000 year old yoga lineage. I have studied deeply and personally with my guru since I was nineteen years old. And I’ve been teaching people to practice meditation for over 35 years.

I’ve taken meditation into the world.
I’ve applied the wisdom of meditation to the practice of leadership. Through my books, speaking, and workshops – I’ve shared these principles and practices with over 100,000 people. I know how to make meditation practical – so you can adapt it and apply it to your life.

Do you want to build the Meditation Habit?

I invite you to take action and enroll in this special program. We start on Monday, January 23rd. It will be a transforming experience.

Pay from the Heart …

No Financial Barriers
We want this to be the year that you truly establish your daily practice. As Devi and I reflected on what that would mean, it became clear. Along with offering you a beautifully designed program, we wanted to remove all the financial barriers to participation.

We invite you to Pay-from-the-Heart
It’s simple: once you decide you want to enroll in Meditation Habit, check in with your heart and arrive at a payment that feels right to you.

I’ve seen people struggle with sliding scales and pay-what-you-want pricing. The mind starts spinning and they start over-thinking how much they should offer. That over-thinking just feels bad and so many people just don’t act.

That’s not what we want for you.

We want you to feel a deep sense of peace.
We want you to feel great about every aspect of the Meditation Habit – what you receive in the program and what you give to sustain us in our giving to you.

This course has been sold previously for between $197 – $245. Others with similarly structured courses have charged anywhere from $108 to $795. I’m not saying you need to pay us between $108 to $795. I do want to be clear and set the context for what you could expect to pay if you enrolled in another meditation training.

Do what is right for you.
The gift here is that what feels right in your heart is great! As long as you feel good in your heart, we trust that.

What is sustainable for us.
It’s important to us that we are honest with you, and not pretend that Wisdom Heart doesn’t have needs. We do.

Our edge-of-sustainable revenue for this course is around $2000. That pays only for what we’re projecting the administrative and technical support will cost. Because of this, we’re setting one small boundary.

One small boundary
In listening within – we’ve chosen to set the minimum contribution at $36 for the program. It feels right to set this boundary. This will ensure that our basic administrative and technical costs are covered.

(If you feel like you really need this course, and paying $36 puts your food or shelter at risk, then absolutely enter a lower amount.)

Yes, you really trust your heart!
It can feel very vulnerable to do so, but we think you’ll benefit greatly from following inner guidance. You don’t have to email us saying you wish you could pay more but you did the best you can right now. We get it – we really do. We trust you.

How it works.
First, decide if you are going to join us. Feel the possibilities of what this kind of program and support would mean to you, your practice, and your life.

Second, if you decide “Yes,” then make a second decision of how much your heart wants to give.

Take time to think about the reality of your financial situation and to sense in your heart the number that feels right.

Let’s do this!
If you’re ready to join us in the Meditation Habit program, we’re honored to have you join us.

 Meditation Habit Includes
27 Practice Modules  
27 Information-Inspiration Modules  
Meditation Habit Workbook .
27 Daily Emails .
Five teachings with Eric .
Special report:
Guided Meditations & The Inner Teacher
Private Facebook Community .


Cancellations and Refund Requests policy

One thing that adds a lot of hidden costs to a program are administrative costs. Someone will ask for what seems like a simple thing, like a special payment plan, not realizing that hours of administrative time can be quickly eaten up.

So, after reflection, here’s our policy for this program:

Refunds: You may cancel your program within one week of payment and we will refund your money in full. This gives you a chance to experience the teachings and meditations. We cannot issue refunds that are requested after a week of your payment date.

Custom/extended payment plans: We cannot offer any payment plans other than what you see on this page because of the work and administrative tracking.

I know these are strong positions to take.
We’re trusting you get the sincerity of our intentions, and encourage you to combine strength and compassion in your life.

Questions about the Meditation Habit.

Note: You do not need to ask us if it’s okay to pay a certain amount. Please – follow the instructions above about paying from your heart. We trust your heart and encourage you to do so too.

We are not able to make adjustments to this program – releasing information early, or changing dates, deadlines or the structure of the program to meet any unique circumstances.

For all other questions: email us here.

“I’m eighty-three years old. I’ve studied with many teachers and gurus. What you offer is unique. I can start with a body full of tension – but once the meditation is on, all the tension dissolves. You’re a master at what you do. It’s a marvel to behold.”

Important: Why You Shouldn’t Delay

#1: This isn’t a technique – it’s a program.
Many teachers only give you a technique. And they insist that you stick with that one technique – even if it doesn’t work for you. But this is a program focused on building the daily habit of meditation – not forcing you to do a technique.

You’ll learn a number of methods. Because there isn’t one “best” way to meditate. There is only the best way for you – at this time in your life. I will teach you how to find your current best way – and how to evolve that method as your life transforms.

#2: As the days go by without building the meditation habit, you’re missing something.
You’re missing something, not just in terms of the mindfulness, presence, and quality of those days – but in terms of your evolution.

It’s time to get traction. To establish the momentum that creates a daily practice.

Still not sure?

I’ve designed this program for three kinds of people:

#1 ~ You’ve tried to meditate but couldn’t make it work.
Images in advertisements make meditation look so serene and peaceful. But, when you sit down to meditate – it’s not. Your mind fills with thoughts and your body fidgets. You’d like to learn how to meditate in a way that fits your life and calms your busy mind.

#2 ~ You’re new to meditation.
The whole idea of meditation intrigues you. It also feels a bit weird. You want the benefits of inner peace, less stress, and greater focus. You just don’t want to have to wade through a lot odd ideas and beliefs.

#3 ~ You used to meditate and want to get “back on the cushion.”
You remember how good it is to connect with that inner state of peace. When life is particularly stressful, you think, “I’ve got to start meditating, again.” But, then you don’t. You want to get over the re-starting hump and start enjoying the benefits of practice, again.

Send me your questions and I’ll respond.

If you’re trying to decide about this program and have some questions – send me an email. Let’s talk about whether this is right for you: eric@wisdomheart.com.

Lisa ZigarmiThe Meditation Habit has taught me what it means to be still in a world that values action; about what it means to go in and go deep when I’ve spent a lifetime going out; about what it means to trust myself, when the outer success markers I’ve used to navigate my days are no longer helpful for an inner journey.

Thanks to the Meditation Habit I now have a daily practice that I love—one that provides renewal, self acceptance, wonder, presence and wakefulness.

– LISA ZIGARMI, MAPP New York City, New York

Even though I wanted to meditate and went on retreats, I found it really hard to sustain my own practice. I would get so frustrated with my mind wandering. I found it really hard to just sit still and watch my breath. And honestly, with the straight zen approach, I don’t think I was progressing that much.

You gave me a clear process. Society doesn’t reinforce sitting down by yourself and meditating. So I needed a structure and a clear path.

It’s easier to get on the cushion – using your methods and your guidance. You laid the foundation and then built the practice layer by layer. I actually want to sit down and meditate now.

I look forward to meditating. That’s totally different. I used to almost avoid it. I feel I’m going deeper. Not every time – some are better than others – but often.

It makes me hungry for continuing the work and pouring myself into it. I’m totally focusing my spiritual life on this practice.

– Jim Heppell Vancouver, Canada

Since David and I started the Meditation Habit Program, our practice has become a solid foundation in our lives and, as a result, we’re growing in new and long-desired ways.

It’s also helped us adjust to David’s retirement, to moving and rebuilding our lives on the west coast, to the death of a very dear friend, and to our daughter’s engagement (which is wonderful news – and a big familial change!).   
To say the least, we’re very grateful for your program. 

It provided us with all that we needed to establish a firm daily habit.  As we heard you so aptly say once or twice, “WOOHOO!!!!!”   :o)
– Marcia Hohler, Portland Oregon

At first I was a bit concerned that the course might be too “beginner level” for me. I have meditated most of my life on and off and have done a lot of spiritual work over the years. The Meditation Habit took me even further and deeper than I had been able to go myself with meditation for a while.

It got me back on track with clear knowledge of the basic mechanics and a simple methodology that is easy to put to use in daily life.

The program is practice-based and experiential. It is intelligently put together with care and heart. The sequenced exercises are delivered with humor and kind openness. You build a daily practice in a way that feels simple.

Eric has a wonderful way of always keeping it real rather than theoretical. At the same time, he addresses the more complex levels of this ancient practice without jargon. He answered our deeper questions with breadth and depth of knowledge based on his years of experience.

I still have to do the work, but I couldn’t ask for more to get me firmly back in my path when I needed it. 

Sophia Isajiw, Toronto, Canada

I was unsure about the online part, having never undertaken anything like that before.  And as you presented the various bits for download, I was anxious about how to use the technology. But you had thought of everything and it all worked very smoothly.

The program was so very well thought-out to develop, build and sustain the Meditation Habit. I followed it every day and each day it became increasingly a little bit more of my life. I found myself bringing aspects of the practice into all areas of my life.

Now I have tools. I believe in what you taught me and I find it works well for me. I want to really embrace what you suggest, i.e. to fall in love with the practice itself – the very aliveness of it. I have learned to practice being gentle with myself, to look for the object of beauty, to listen with a meditative awareness, to value stillness and silence and to surrender to feeling deeply.

The teleclass always amazed me that it addressed exactly where I was at and really supported me each time just by what came up for the group.  And of course having a group to share with is a blessing.

Before I signed up for the Meditation Habit I was concerned that…….well actually I wasn’t really concerned, as I had just spent a weekend with you and Devi doing the Family Karma work and I found your method of teaching really worked for me and knew you were the right person to teach me about developing a meditation practice.

– Helen Murphy, Kinvara, Ireland

Before I signed up for the Meditation Habit I was concerned that I couldn’t sustain a habit of meditation.  I suffered from many excuses not to practice.

What I found in the program was a kindness and gentleness that exceeded my wildest hopes.  I found I could do this—with gentleness—bringing my mind back to the object of meditation.

Now I have a yearning, a hunger to practice meditation because of the gentleness and shining the light of awareness on this conditioned mind.  

This morning when pausing and bathing my body-mind in loving appreciation — hugging myself and touching my heart — I  cried joyfully.

The meditation habit provides the structure for my whole day, the missing piece – like sitting in the lap of God.

– Ann Jensen Richards, San Diego, California

I was concerned that I would resist for a number of reasons and that my meditation struggles and barriers would not be removed.

What I found in the program was beauty, light, stillness, a process, humor, communion with others in the group and with Eric.

The process works – there’s no resistance, no self-pressure or pressure from the program.

The program is wonderful. The structure of the program is very good: recordings, workbook, teachings, Facebook (actually though) I wouldn’t participate but I’m glad I am), live calls. It works!

I never felt like “just some student out there in Mississauga, Ontario”.  Your heart was genuine throughout the program – it infused all aspects of the program.

I found a way to work with the learnings in my daily life, to settle things down, to switch perspective, to reduce the reactions in me that caused me upset. I love that it is ‘in my life’ – meaning I do carry it with me throughout the day and I do want to do all of it, a calm, stress-free desire. I love that I am seeing space and silence, bits of it, in my day. I love that I have a Meditation Habit.

Amazing, amazing program and teacher.  I cannot say enough. I can’t write the sentiments I feel.  Thank you, Eric. Tremendous respect and gratitude for you, your gifts, your experience, your abilities, your presence.  Your presence does come through to me in the program.

– Tammy Purdy, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Before I signed up for the Meditation Habit I was concerned that I would regret the decision if I did sign up because somehow it would be wrong for me.

What I found in the program was a sense of readiness to try the suggestions and that I was able to understand the direction well enough to feel good and not frustrated.  I couldn’t always get the time when I wanted it, and never got to the discussions, but it was OK anyhow.  

My biggest learnings are how noticeable the benefits can be, and how pleasurable the process is.

I’d like to share my appreciation for the contributions of others on the Facebook page; this was generous and helpful.  I found that the progression was a good pace for me and that I grew to trust the process and Eric’s direction.

– Kathryn Belzer, Nova Scotia, Canada

Why could I not practice regularly until now? It now feels so easy . . . I realized today what you mean by falling in love with the practice. I woke up and looked forward to sitting on my cushion.

Thank you for this program. The Meditation Habit has brought me to a deeper practice after many tries in vain.

– Sigrid Beck, Germany