Meditation for Your Life – The Grace in Living: A Dialogue with Kathleen Dowling Singh

It’s a great honor to bring you this conversation with Kathleen Dowling Singh. Kathleen is one of my favorite spiritual authors. Her writing is so beautiful, poetic, clear, and profound.

Kathleen is the author of the trilogy: The Grace in Dying, The Grace in Aging, and The Grace in Living. Kathleen lives in Sarasota, Florida, close to many of her four children and seven grandchildren.

In this deep and meditative conversation, Kathleen and I explore how personal history can be a gateway to awakening. She explains how to receive life events as a sacred initiations; the four stages of the awakening journey; and how contemplative awareness reveals the Grace that is available in each moment.

Listen below [or download here]

BONUS: We’ve created a poster based on Kathleen’s teachings in this dialogue: Sweet Rememberance. Download HERE!

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  • Theo Cade

    WOW ! What an encouraging informing, inspiring interview. Amongst many parts tat effect me so perhaps the greatest at this moment is the practical spiritual vision that Kathleen imparts in how to harvest and experience the awakening we have gone through in our lives without realizing it. Until now, that is with the awakening wisdom and insight that you provide, Kathleen, for we listeners to see, own, be nurtured and nourished by the facilitating wisdom you pour forth. What a gift. You truly walk your talk to give to greater than yourself alone.

    And you Eric, I am still basking in the joy and ecstasy of the kind, safe, brilliant, illuminating way you bring out the best in those you interview , having the ecstasy of being interviewed by you in the previous interview. It is a gift that keeps on giving as I share it with friends and family and have the experience of reaching new joyful informative depths with them, and myself. It reflects for me in this interview with Kathleen Dowling Singh, as a profound experience of a new plateau in my own awakening to gifts I have, want to, and are with your support realize are valuable to the greater whole brining invigorated meaning, purpose, and joy in life.

    Going on from your and my conversation here with Kathleen in how to hold and respond constructively in and to the current political situation in the USA is so valuable and needed. I would love to here this inquiry continue with your subsequent interviewees, which I will be sure to be listening to.

  • Curtis Wood

    A beautiful and very useful book

  • Wisdom Heart

    Thanks for the kind words, Curtis! If you like Eric’s teachings, you might also like to know that he and Devi have recently started sharing NanoVideo teachings that were up until now only posted within the Wisdom Heart Community. Here’s the link to the first installment to make it a little easier to find. NanoTeaching: Non-Attachment & the Cosmic Laughter

    -Wisdom Heart

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