Meditation for Your Life – Intentional Change & Naked Nachos (A Dialogue with Michael Bungay Stanier)

As the old year ends, the mind turns towards . . . um . . . resolutions.
Many will resolve to establish their meditation habit – among other healthy activities.

But, what does it really take to make changes?
It’s simpler than you think. But, not always easy.

That’s why this conversation with Michael Bungay Stanier is so timely.
Michael is an internationally recognized expert on behavior change, coaching, and leadership. His books include: Do More Great Work, and the classic The Coaching Habit. Michael is wonderful friend and a creative genius!

The Brain & Naked Nachos
In this conversation, Michael and I examine the myths and the science of behavior change. Michael synthesizes the key findings of neuroscience and psychology into a practical “formula” that you can use to develop your meditation habit, change your diet, or floss your teeth. In short, Michael shares wisdom on how to change your brain – for the better. He also teases me – as only a dear friend can. Yes, naked nachos are involved.

Listen below [or download here]

BONUS: We’ve created a poster based Michael’s wisdom: The New Behavior Formula. Download HERE!

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