Meditation for Your Life – The Cure for Spiritual Bypassing: A Dialogue with Robert Augustus Masters PhD

roberaugustusmastersIt’s the winter solstice. The darkest night of the year and the perfect time to have a Wisdom Heart dialogue with Robert Augustus Masters PhD.

I’ve been studying Robert’s work for years.

He offers a fierce, loving, and undefended approach to awakening. Robert teaches us how to move into the dark, the Shadow, the rejected aspects of the soul. This is the work that we all are called to during these dark and uncertain times.

In our conversation ‘The Cure for Spiritual Bypassing: Intimacy with Everything,’ we explore spiritual bypassing – what it is, why it arises, and how to work with this pervasive strategy for avoiding true growth. Robert guides us – and me personally – on a deep dive into what it means to practice intimacy with all parts of the self.

We talk about how to meditatively embrace strong emotions of anger, sorrow, and shame. Robert guides a meditation for cultivating intimacy with all parts of the self. This was a heartfelt conversation.

Listen below [or download here]

BONUS: We’ve created a poster based on Robert’s teachings in this dialogue: Endless Deepening. Download HERE!

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