How to Melt the Frozen Mind (A Nano Teaching video)

Our son, Aaron, is a wonderful yoga teacher. Last night we attended one of his restorative yoga classes. Soooooo soothing. Relaxing.

Pose-by-pose, Aaron guided us into ever-deepening stillness . . . into yoga.

Stillness is yoga.

Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, defines yoga as the stilling of the patterns of the mind.

What happens then?

Do you black out? Space out? Disappear?

When the patterns are still, the revelation of True Nature is revealed.

The reverse is true when the patterns are churning and swirling. Then, rather than revelation – identification.

With what?

We identify with the patterns of thought & emotion.

It’s something we all experience: when the pattern of anxiety arises, we say “I’m anxious.” We identify with the pattern. We don’t see the pattern as a pattern, we see through it.

We believe ourselves to be the patterns of thought and emotion.

And we believe the world – life – to be as it appears when colored by the pattern.

We fixate and freeze the water of life – consciousness Itself – into a limited pattern of being. But, we don’t have to.

Watch this Nano Teaching on how to melt your patterns.

Life is gracious, generous, and hot.
It will melt your frozen mind state, your fixed identity. Why?

Because that is your deeper dream. Your soul want to melt the frozen patterns and it will conspire with life to do so . . . one way or another.

Life will heat up your situation.

Life – in agreement with your soul – will raise the temperature, stoke the awakening fire,  and draw you into situations, relationships, and conditions that will melt your current pattern of identification.

But you don’t have to wait for conditions to melt you.

You can meditate.

Meditation aligns you with the awakening trajectory of life. Meditation welcomes the fire of transformation and opens your awareness to the revelation of True Nature.

So what are the patterns that are melting in your life? Share in the comments below.

Love & Shanti
E & D

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  • William Hunt

    Very nice Eric.

    Went to a very emotional wedding last week. Even the cake was in tiers. :)


  • Jennifer

    Thank you, Eric, for this gentle reminder to return to the skills and awareness that I learned with you during the Healing Father Karma work. Transformative work has no end point. Onward!
    Much love,

  • Jessica Jewell

    I am awakening around my ideas of wealth and my biases related to it. For example, our front yard currently is covered in dandelions. My thought pattern is that we are the “poor white trash” of the neighborhood. Even though my husband is a professor at the University, I am a yoga teacher, my kids are doing great, my mind is judging us very harshly because we haven’t figured out how to care for the lawn in a way that matches our values. And I am judging everyone else too. I think people who have more money are better and people who are poor – well there is something wrong with them. This coming from the mind of a progressive liberal. Wow! So I am watching the thoughts – being aware that they exist and lovingly wondering at them. My hope is for a shift in this conditioned thought pattern and a deeper shift into love.

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