How Effort & Letting Go Work Together (A NanoTeaching video)

Each month in The Wisdom Heart Community, we take a deep dive into the teachings and practices for living an awakening life and would like to share those with you in our new NanoTeaching series.

This NanoTeaching is drawn from our study of Letting Go & Non-Attachment.

In this video, Eric explores:

  • The relationship between effort and letting go
  • The attitude that opens you to the blessings of meditation
  • The difference between indifference and non-attachment
  • How to attain AND sustain meditative awareness

Let us know what you think!
The practice is a dialogue – not a monologue.
What does Non-Attachment mean to you?
Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Love & Shanti
E & D

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  • Craig Lambert

    I really was hoping that you would break into singing the full “sitting on the dock of the bay” your voice is amazing and I’m wondering if you would be willing to sing the whole thing. Great teaching by the way! Practiceand nonattachment can definitely transform any relationship into a wonderful joyous and deep connection.

  • Shelley

    This is great! Two paddles: practice and letting go. It’s serendipity that just yesterday I read a blog about a book called “Letting go” by David Hawkins, which seems to be in the same vein. I understand how these two paddles are important. It’s still a challenge to actually do them consistently, but even practicing inconsistently, I am beginning to be able to just notice my thoughts more during life.

  • Wisdom Heart

    Hi, Shelley! Thank you for the comment. David Hawkins is a great writer! Yes, practice practice practice is the key. Consistent practice will come after the first step of starting. Using those two paddles will come in no time!
    -Wisdom Heart

  • Wisdom Heart

    Hi, Craig! Thanks for sharing those kind words! We’ll pass that message to Eric and see if he’ll be willing to sing the whole song for you. Keep practicing!
    -Wisdom Heart

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