What Makes Meditation Work? (A NanoTeaching video)

We’re excited to introduce a new series called Nano Teachings.

Everyday, it seems, there’s a new study confirming the benefits of meditation–how it’s good for your physical well-being, your mental health, your productivity and creativity and even for your . . . um . . . spiritual life.

But, there’s a problem with all these studies.
They’re not about you. They’re not about your life.
So while the data may be inspiring, it’s not customized to your life, your situation, or your practice.

So, what will make meditation work for you?
This video, curated from a Wisdom Heart Community teaching, examines:

  • What blocks you from experiencing the benefits of meditation (and the simple way to remove that block)
  • Why it’s hard to tell if the practice is working (and how to find out)
  • The one meditation shortcut that will change your life (and deepen your practice)

Let us know what you think!
The practice is a dialogue – not a monologue.
What helps you stay with the practice?
Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Love & Shanti
E & D


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