A New Year Meditation (Special Audio recording)

The end of the year marks the end of a cycle.
But what is the end of cycle, really?
It’s a time for letting go. Before you make plans, set goals, resolve to be different . . . Breathe and let go.
Now is time to let go, to be still, without knowing how you will be re-formed.

Because you will be re-formed.
Life is endlessly inventive; ceaselessly creative.
You don’t need to rush things. At the end of the cycle – the way forward comes through letting go and surrender.
As you rest in stillness – without clinging to the past or straining towards the future – something that you can’t plan for happens.
You can’t predict it. But you can notice it. You can embrace it.
You can celebrate and embody it.

Happy New Year!

Listen to the New Year Meditation here:

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Love & Shanti

E & D


Have you gotten this?

Awakened Goal Setting: Practices for Realizing a Truly New Year

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