Awakening Love – Premium


1. Audio teaching on the meaning, use, and power of the Loving Awareness mantra meditation.
2. Three Awakening Love Audio Meditations:

• Attuning to Loving
• Realizing Loving Awareness
• Loving Immersion

3. 22-page e-book: How to Use MantraWave to Change Your Life
4. Five Audio Teachings with Eric & Devi: How to Bring Loving Awareness Into Daily Life
5. A 25-page Awakening Love e-Book & Reflection journal.
6. A 60 minute recording of Loving Awareness mantra. Ideal for yoga, walking, or background music.
7. Two Teaching Videos: From Fixation to Freedom

• How to heal a conflicted mind
• The way Life facilitates your awakening (it’s not what you think)
• Emotional programs and the chakras
• Letting go of what holds you back
• Meditation as melting into Love