Meditation Habit


No Financial Barriers
We want this to be the year that you truly establish your daily practice. As Devi and I reflected on what that would mean, it became clear. Along with offering you a beautifully designed program, we wanted to remove all the financial barriers to participation.

We invite you to Pay-from-the-Heart
It’s simple: once you decide you want to enroll in Meditation Habit, check in with your heart and arrive at a payment that feels right to you.

I’ve seen people struggle with sliding scales and pay-what-you-want pricing. The mind starts spinning and they start over-thinking how much they should offer. That over-thinking just feels bad and so many people just don’t act.

That’s not what we want for you.

We want you to feel a deep sense of peace.
We want you to feel great about every aspect of the Meditation Habit – what you receive in the program and what you give to sustain us in our giving to you.

This course has been sold previously for between $197 – $245. Others with similarly structured courses have charged anywhere from $108 to $795. I’m not saying you need to pay us between $108 to $795. I do want to be clear and set the context for what you could expect to pay if you enrolled in another meditation training.

Do what is right for you.
The gift here is that what feels right in your heart is great! As long as you feel good in your heart, we trust that.

What is sustainable for us.
It’s important to us that we are honest with you, and not pretend that Wisdom Heart doesn’t have needs. We do.

Our edge-of-sustainable revenue for this course is around $2000. That pays only for what we’re projecting the administrative and technical support will cost. Because of this, we’re setting one small boundary.

One small boundary
In listening within – we’ve chosen to set the minimum contribution at $36 for the program. It feels right to set this boundary. This will ensure that our basic administrative and technical costs are covered.

(If you feel like you really need this course, and paying $36 puts your food or shelter at risk, then absolutely enter a lower amount.)

Yes, you really trust your heart!
It can feel very vulnerable to do so, but we think you’ll benefit greatly from following inner guidance.  You don’t have to email us saying you wish you could pay more but you did the best you can right now.  We get it – we really do.  We trust you.

How it works.

First, decide if you are going to join us. Feel the possibilities of what this kind of program and support would mean to you, your practice, and your life.

Second, if you decide “Yes,” then make a second decision of how much your heart wants to give.

Take time to think about the reality of your financial situation and to sense in your heart the number that feels right.

Let’s do this!
If you’re ready to join us in the Meditation Habit program, we’re honored to have you join us.

Cancellations and Refund Requests policy

One thing that adds a lot of hidden costs to a program are administrative costs. Someone will ask for what seems like a simple thing, like a special payment plan, not realizing that hours of administrative time can be quickly eaten up.

So, after reflection, here’s our policy for this program:

Refunds: You may cancel your program within one week of payment and we will refund your money in full. This gives you a chance to experience the teachings and meditations. We cannot issue refunds that are requested after a week of your payment date.

Custom/extended payment plans: We cannot offer any payment plans other than what you see on this page because of the work and administrative tracking.

I know these are strong positions to take.
We’re trusting you get the sincerity of our intentions, and encourage you to combine strength and compassion in your life.

Questions about the Meditation Habit.

Note: You do not need to ask us if it’s okay to pay a certain amount. Please – follow the instructions above about paying from your heart. We trust your heart and encourage you to do so too.

We are not able to make adjustments to this program – releasing information early, or changing dates, deadlines or the structure of the program to meet any unique circumstances.

For all other questions: email us here.