A spiritual school for our time.

In the past, if you wanted to deeply follow the spiritual path, you had to retreat from the world and live in a cave, ashram, or monastery.

Times have changed.
Separating spiritual awakening from the realities of life – work, relationships, emotions, money – no longer sense; it’s actually harmful. The costs of separating spirituality from daily life are too great: for you, those you love, and the world.

It’s time for an integrated, fully embodied, real-life spirituality.
We need a path for modern mystics.

Modern mystics are all about Realizing, Embodying, and Expressing the deepest spiritual truths in the nitty-gritty conditions of life.

All life is holy.
Nothing’s left out. Work, relationships, art, food, family, politics, money – the modern mystic’s path includes it all.

This idea of being a modern mystic, isn’t theory for us. It’s real life.

We’ve tested these methods in the fire of our own life (and have burn marks to prove it).

eric_deb_by_studio-300x215Who is “we?” It’s us—Eric & Devi.

  • We – Eric & Devi – have been married for 40 years.
  • We are one of the very few couples on the planet who are ordained lineage holders in a 5,000 year old wisdom tradition.
  • We’ve been exploring and applying these teachings for four decades: on the meditation cushion, in our relationship, with our family, and in our work.

We’ve worked with tens of thousands of people over the decades: executives of Fortune 100 corporations, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, parents, children, admirals, generals, scientists, yogis, rabbis, priests, atheists and addicts.

We’ve sat in corporate board rooms and rustic ashrams, talked to audiences of 3,000 and said nothing on silent retreats, sold tens of thousands of books and logged many more air miles.Wherever we’ve traveled, whoever we were working with, something was always present.

In the heart of every situation, there is a radiant, generative, presence seeking expression.

It’s present . . . now . . . as you read these words. Most people don’t know how to realize, embody, and consciously live as this radiant presence—so they keep struggling. But, struggling is not necessary. Really.

The Wisdom Heart teachings upgrade the ancient practices so you can realize, embody, and fulfill your deepest dream and life purpose.

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michael-kovitz-150x150I have known Eric and Devi for over forty years — yes that’s right over forty years. From the beginning they have always been about the same things, achieving inner peace and happiness by distilling and infusing the wisdom and ultimate sanity of the timeless teachings of the east into a productive and positive life in the world.

I have never known them to stray from their path — their inner guidance. How many people can you say that about? So, when they speak, it must be the real thing — right? May the Beloved, in all His Infinite Names and Form continue to smile upon them and guide them and their work further into the light!”

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