The Wisdom Heart curriculum has four levels:

Level 1: Get Your Practice On.

This program establishes the effortless, enjoyable, and ever-deepening practice of daily meditation. Through establishing the meditation habit you build the capacity to convert conditioned patterns into factors of enlightenment.

The Meditation Habit:
How to Start, Sustain, and Deepen Your Daily Practice

The title says it all. This program is the place to start.
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Level 2: Untangle Your Karmic Knots.

These programs balance with the core patterns of reactivity that limit your life. Each one is a deep dive into the principles and practices that turn emotional confusion into awakened presence.

Sacred Sound Meditations

This series of programs combine sacred mantras, binaural beats, and Wisdom Heart teachings to deepen your meditative awareness.

Freedom From Reactivity: This MantraWave program uses the sacred mantra for Removing Obstacles to liberate your mind from identification with patterns of self-limitation, fear, and confusion. Click here to learn more.

Transforming Fear into Ecstasy: This MantraWave program uses the Great Death Conquering mantra. A joyous and life-expanding practice, this program awakens you to your unconquerable essence as pure consciousness.

Effortless Wealth: This program untangles the karmic knots that block abundance and the experience of richness at all levels. What is true wealth? How can you bring it into your life?

Healing Family Karma Series
This trio of programs untangle the karmic patterns of identity & emotionality that were encoded in your earliest years. Through a sequence of teachings, reflections, and ever-deepening meditations, you heal the karma that has been transmitted through the generations:

Healing Family Karma:
Transforming the Roots of Emotional Reactivity

Healing Mother Karma:
Fierce Compassion & Creative Power

Healing Father Karma:
Inner Authority & Radiant Presence

Level 3: Celebrate & Serve through Inspired Living

You were born for a purpose. Not just to awaken to a state of light and love – but to embody and express that state in a way that enriches your world. This takes equal parts clarity, courage, compassion, and community. That’s what Level 3 teachings are for.

What’s Calling You?
Realize, Embody, and Fulfill Your Life Purpose

This program is about heeding the Call. It’s about letting go of self-protection and accepting the greatness that is your true life; living at a level of awareness and authenticity that is . . . um . . . powerful & blissful. Are you ready? Click here to learn more.

Breath of God:
Discovering the radiance, creativity, and freedom of this moment

This program initiates you into the deeper practices of Kriya meditation and the embodiment of  Wisdom Heart consciousness.

Level 4: Teacher Training

Learn to share the teachings and practices of the Wisdom Heart.


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