What’s Calling You: The Power of Wonder – A Dialogue with Jeffrey Davis

What a delight to talk with Jeffrey Davis ‐ author, teacher, father, and master guide on the path of creativity and purposeful living.

Jeffrey Davis is the founder of Tracking Wonder and author of The Journey to the Center from the Page: Yoga Philosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing. He teaches workshops in creativity, innovation, authorship, and brand Story strategy at centers around the world including Kripalu Center, Omega, Sivananda­‐Bahamas, and the UNM Taos Writer’s Conference. 

Jeffrey_DavisJeffrey works with business artists ‐ people who want to bring their creative gifts and message alive in the world, in a sustainable way. His clients include creative professionals, entrepreneurs, schools, and organizations. The insights that he offers are like bolts of lightning. His perspective is indeed wonder­‐filled.
In this dialogue Jeffrey explores:
  • The neurological structure of wonder ­‐ and how it opens us up
  • How to cultivate fertile confusion
  • The serious power of play
  • Connecting to bravery (so you can stop hiding)


Continue the Dialogue: Share your reflections

  • What is the powerful story that is calling you?
  • How do you experience fertile confusion?
  • What’s your brave next step?

Share your reflections below. 

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