What Does Wisdom See?

About two years ago, Nathaniel – our son –  came into my office. I was typing away.

He said, “You know, you’re squinting, right?”
“Squinting, moi?”
“Yep, you’ve been squinting more and more for the past year. Maybe it’s time to get your eyes examined and get a prescription for glasses that actually work.”

Ah, the wisdom of one’s children.
I did have some totally ineffective “readers” that sat unused in my desk drawer.
A year past. We were out at a restaurant and I was “reading” the menu.

“Still squinting, huh?”
That week I went to the optometrist. Handed me a prescription, the doctor said,
“I think you’ll be surprised when you put these on.”

I wasn’t surprised.
I was stunned.
“Everything is in High Def!” I exclaimed to Devi on our morning dog walk. “I can see every leaf on that tree!”

It’s stunning indeed to see clearly.
But there’s an even deeper, richer vision that is available when we see life without conditioning; when we see with wisdom. This dharma doodle provides a glimpse:

What do you see when you look at life with wisdom?
Share in the comments below.

Love & Shanti



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  • Kathleen

    Thank you for providing an opportunity to pause and reflect, and to ” discover” an awareness of the ever present goodness of and within others…


    Not my thought but appropriate. From Mindful Eating by Jan Chosen Bays: What satisfies eye hunger? Beauty. … Our eyes do get hungry. When we are distract and really looking at things, we feel vaguely dissatisfied and disconnected. Think of yourself rushing off to work. You run by your child or partner and give them a quick good-bye peck on the cheek. This habit, of not really looking, skimming our eyes over the surfaces of things, leaves us hungry and lonely in a fundmental way. When we dtop and look with awareness, we connect. A brief connection like this can lift our mood, feeding our hearts for hours. When we just look, anything we see becomes beautiful: cracks in a sidewalk, a dead plant, the wrinkled hands of an old woman. The Navaho admonish their people, “Walk in beauty.” When we use mindful eyes, everything is beautiful and everyone walks in beauty.

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