Live your life purpose fully.

Even when you know that your life is a spiritual journey, it’s easy to stop living that way – to lose connection to what your life is truly about.

(How can you stay connected to your deepest purpose – even in difficult and uncertain times?)

You believe that your life has a purpose.

Actually, it’s more than you believe. You know.

You’ve experienced the serendipity and energy that arises when you’re aligned and connected to the sacred, to the truth of your being.

You know how it feels when your life moves with ease, meaning, and flow. It’s that feeling – that way of living – that matters more than anything to you.

Yet, it’s still incredibly easy to lose the connection.

To shift from presence into tension; from flow into anxiety. To struggle with life rather than appreciating and allowing it to unfold.

The more you struggle – the more thoughts and emotions obscure your vision . . . your wisdom.

And then?

You start to doubt yourself, to lose confidence.

Even when you keep going, doing what needs to be done, you’re just going through the motions.

Inside there’s this fatigued voice asking, “What’s the point?”

And there’s that other voice wondering, “Is something wrong with me?”

So, how can you get back on your path?

Instead of being submerged in heaviness, doubt, fear, and cynicism – how can you re-connect to the:

  • Life-giving source of inner guidance
  • Wisdom that clearly reveals what’s next
  • Courage to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Joyful sense of being supported and encouraged by life


What’s Calling You
Realize, embody, and fulfill your life purpose

There’s something important – truly essential – for you to do in this life.

This is your real work. It’s deeper than job, career, business. It’s what you’re here for.

It’s called dharma in the east; magnum opus in the west.
But really, the names don’t matter. Doing it does.

This program distills a 5,000 year old wisdom tradition into a system for living your purpose, your dharma, fully, authentically, and consistently . . . now

Tested in the real world.

I’ve been refining this program for 25 years both in my own life and in my work with individuals, groups, and organizations around the world. I’ve taught What’s Calling You at spiritual retreats and in corporate board rooms; in intensive one-to-one sessions and to audiences of three thousand.

Over 30,000 people have been part of the refining process that brings you this program.

What does this mean for you?

It means a clear structure, deep practices, and applied wisdom; a spiritually powerful, psychologically healthy, and down-to-earth process to:

  • Fully and authentically live your purpose
  • Stop losing yourself distractions that don’t reflect your true calling
  • Know the difference between an ego-desire and dharmic-guidance
  • Liberate yourself from self-sabotage, doubt, and fear
  • Deepen your capacity to be a force for good in the world

A one-of-a-kind program for a group of select individuals that teaches you how to:

  • Untangle your life from the illusions of conditioning.
  • Establish the connection to your soul’s deep longing, holy values, and sacred gifts.
  • Transform key areas of your life – work, relationships, finances, health – by aligning them with your purpose.
  • Strengthen your capacity to embody and follow the Call – even when it feels risky.

Want a taste of the program?
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How to Transform Conditioning (and live an Awakening Life) right here.

jean-johnson-150x150I get offers everyday through newsletters and emails to improve myself by spending money. So, I was skeptical and wondered if this program would be worth my time and money.

The lessons were almost magical in bringing in just what I needed – at the right time. And as I re-read the written pieces, I’m discovering more and more depth. It’s all so thoughtful and nicely crafted.

Your willingness to connect with me as a person is remarkable and lovely in this internet world. When I asked a question, you would actually respond. This isn’t a hugely expensive program – yet you’re right there. This created an environment of gentle accountability that really opened me up. I got more than I expected.”

– Jean Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

How is this program different from other “life purpose” programs?

Many programs on life purpose subtly (or not so subtly) equate realizing your life purpose with getting everything you want. They suggest that knowing your purpose means it will never rain on your parade and that a private limo will drive you all-the-way-to-the-bank.

These kinds of promises are fantasies.

Fulfilling your dharma is the opposite of fantasy.

Having fantasies is natural. We all have them. I know I do.
Why? Because we were all conditioned to seek fulfillment in cultural symbols: the car, the house, the body, the mate, the money . . . (You know the drill.)

Conditioning says, “Your purpose is to go after these symbols. If you collect enough of the right symbols, you’ll be fulfilled.”

It doesn’t work this way.

Fulfillment isn’t the result of collecting anything.

It’s your birthright. You don’t achieve fulfillment. You don’t earn it.
You realize, embody, and express fulfillment by being . . .um . . . fully yourself.

You’re already complete. Nothing is missing.
But, if that’s true (and it is) what’s your purpose?

Your purpose is to realize, embody, and express the radiance that you are.

There’s something profound and powerful that wants to be expressed through you and as you. It’s yours alone to be and to do.

Your purpose is not a generic spiritual revelation.

It’s very specific and unique to you. It’s your calling.
It’s calling you.

This program will teach you how to whole-heartedly heed that calling.

As you do so, your life will transform. But, not according to any conditioned fantasy.
In fact, the more you embody your purpose, the easier it is let go of conditioning; to stop struggling to prove your worth, live up to an inherited standard, or complete somebody else’s dream.

Instead you will:

  • Understand the true nature of authentic callings and how to recognize your own.
  • Discern your true call from a counterfeit call (including other people’s projections).
  • Discover what it means to embrace your radiance (and how it isn’t ego or narcissistic)
  • Realize why embodying your dharma is how to you heal and enrich the world.
  • Learn practical skills for untangling conditioning and clearing the way to live your dharma.
  • Heal the suffering and pain which result from not embracing your true life.

This program is about returning to your true life.

As your vision deepens, you uncover the sacred in the very conditions of your life.
You find huge blessings that were previously veiled in the tangle of your conditioning.
In addition, you find a path forward.

You find your path.

Your path will lead you past the boundaries of what you know – beyond fantasy – into the unknown domain of deeper blessings.
This program is about waking up from fantasies of fulfillment – so you can get the real thing.

Here’s how it works . . .

The Program Design

The program unfolds over 5 months starting on February 11, 2018. The material is sequenced in a precise way to carry you deeply into the heart of your being and the heart of your world.

Module 1: Discern the Dharma

In this module you will focus on teachings & practices for:

  • Recognizing the presence of dharma in your life
  • Observing habitual patterns that distract you from your dharma
  • Exploring the relationship between Power & Bliss – in realizing your dharma

Module 2: Attune to your Sacred Values

In this module you will focus on teachings & practices for:

  • Releasing identification with conditioned values
  • Experiencing your Sacred Values – beyond thought & emotion
  • Infusing Sacred Values into body & mind

Module 3: Receive your Mission

In this module you will focus on teachings & practices for:

  • Opening to your primary mission
  • Recognizing your shadow mission
  • Discovering daily invitations to fulfill your mission

Module 4: Embody the Call

In this module you will focus on teachings & practices for:

  • Asking for, receiving, and accepting guidance
  • Falling apart in service of integration
  • Encoding dharma into your cellular memory

Module 5: Celebrate & serve through inspired living

In this module you will focus on teachings & practices for:

  • Navigating upheaval, pain, and loss with dharmic wisdom
  • Returning to the marketplace as blessing presence
  • Receiving the guidance of Life with gratitude

Want a taste of the program? Dive into our FREE 3-Part Series:
How to Transform Conditioning (and live an Awakening Life) right here.

Jen-Louden-Headshot-01-150x150“Everything about Eric’s work and guidance is nourishing, powerful, and real. He is one of my most trusted teachers – for my heart and for my own teaching and writing. Best of all, he teaches me through lightness and love.”

– Jen Louden, Author of The Women’s Comfort Book,

We use the Wisdom Heart learning methodology.

It’s a drip system approach. Small, easy-to-absorb “drips” of experience, information, and inspiration take you deeper day-by-day. Why the drip . . . drip . . . drip?

Because we want you to integrate the teachings and assimilate the changes that the program will initiate. We’re not after a big experience that fades away. Our learning methodology weaves the awakening process into your daily life.

Beautifully designed & produced materials

We value beauty, simplicity, and clarity. Creating these learning materials is our art. That’s why Wisdom Heart audio and written materials are beautiful to the eye, ear, and heart.

The music is professionally produced by an award winning composer/producer. The written teachings are not Word documents filled with generic clip art. They’re dharma-doodle-rich materials filled with inspiring writings, reflective exercises, and integration tools – for realizing your life purpose.

  • Active links within the lessons take you to all the recordings and videos.
  • All written materials are in easy-to-read PDF format.
  • All audio is professionally created: like a professionally created music file downloaded from iTunes.
  • Assessment tools and written teachings are designed so you can print them out and use them over and over again.
  • Videos are short and inspiring, instead of droning on and on.

What you receive in the “Standard: Do-it-Yourself” version:


Daily teachings (In written PDF & recorded MP3 format)

WCY Workbook Cover FINAL

The daily teachings are informative and inspiring; delivered in written and recorded form. It’s not a fire hose of information. It’s a transformative process that uses daily inspirations to shift your mindset, lift your attitude, and deepen your understanding.

Guided Spiritual Practices (In recorded MP3 format)

Workbook CD Final
The guided spiritual practices, gently and skillfully take you beyond the mind. Professionally recorded, these artful meditations and heart-opening mantras, connect you with the sources of wisdom, guidance, strength, and healing within.

Video Teachings and Reflections (In easy-to-stream video format.)

These video teachings examine and amplify the deeper aspects of the written teachings. Using stories and examples from his own life, Eric makes the teachings real, practical (and funny).

Specially recorded MantraWave version of the Gayatri Mantra.

eric singing 7Gayatri Mantra is one of the most sacred mantras in the yoga tradition. It awakens you to the creativity, radiance, and enriching power that lies in the heart of your being. It reveals your purpose and attunes you to what’s calling you.

This MantraWave recording is co-produced with Peter Sprague – a world renowned guitarist, composer, and producer. With performers from the San Diego symphony and the jazz world, along with our own Wisdom Heart vocalists . . . this is a work of art that will awaken your soul.


Spiritual Assessment Tools (In written PDF format)

Along with the teachings and practices, you will complete two spiritual assessments:

The Power & Bliss assessment


This assessment reveals how the spiritual qualities of Power & Bliss arise and interact in your life. You will explore:
• How open are you to the quality of power? What about bliss?
• Are these two qualities integrated harmoniously in your being?
• How can you promote the sacred marriage of Power & Bliss in order to accelerate the fulfillment of your life purpose?

Your Elemental Gifts


Wisdom traditions teach that underneath the endless variations of human behavior are four primary or elemental energies: fire, earth, air, and water.
This assessment reveals how these universal energies give rise to your unique expression of greatness. Using this assessment you will explore how:

• Universal energies express themselves through your body/mind.
• Purifying limited beliefs opens you to the inherent beauty of your gifts.
• To infuse your daily actions with the universal energy of your elemental gifts.

In addition to the 5 inclusions above, if you join the “Premium: Facilitated by Eric Klein” version, you also receive:

Live Coaching Calls

phoneA transformational process brings up “stuff” – that’s good news. Working with what comes up – the emotions, fears, questions, reactions – is best done in dialogue with an experienced guide. That’s what the live coaching calls are for. These are powerful dialogues that allow you to integrate the teachings and practices into the unique pattern of your life conditions.

Calls will take place on Feb 15, Mar 21, April 18, May 14, June 20, July 16. They’re all recorded, and you can email your questions ahead of time, in case you can’t be there live.

facebook_logo2-150x150Private Forum

Nobody awakens in a vacuum. This private Facebook forum is a place to get and give support (both are essential). I’m active on the forum, responding to real time questions.

1 year of Wisdom Heart Community teachings

As a premium participant you’ll also receive a year of Wisdom Heart Community teachings (weekly videos, audios, meditations, monthly calls and more). These additional WH teachings are a $270 value.

laura erdmanThe steps in this program are easy to grasp and when applied, catapult you into the life you are destined to live!

Read, listen, watch, contemplate, and do it all again. Bring Eric’s brilliant words into your heart. While Eric has an amazing way of translating thoughts around dharma to make them easily understandable, the true gift of this program is the steps and practices to getting beyond karma, getting unstuck.”

I never imagined that deep work could be done through an online course. I think it’s amazing the way you made use of technology to enable people with busy lives to participate in a workshop like this. And structured it in such a way that we can all find time in our respective schedules that work for us — and times of day when we are most open to growth.

The way you use technology and social media creates a great balance that allows me privacy and also community support. Reading what others are experiencing on the private forum, allows me to see myself more clearly.”

“I didn’t know it would be so much fun discussing some ‘serious stuff’! Eric’s coaching enabled me to see ingrained patterns and the new possibilities that my own inner wisdom was trying to present. Our discussion was full, rich and rewarding, allowing me to explore my inner world with new eyes — truly a blessing. I could own the new insights because they came from within.Thank you Eric for guiding me into my own Wisdom Heart.”

– Maureen Cerroni, Ottawa, Ontario

Jeffrey_Davis-200x300“I’m scrupulous about whom I want feedback from, but I trust Eric fully. Eric sees into the heart of what I do and who I am not from his own subjective projection but from my innate character. When I feel off-track or unsure about the integrity of a decision, a conversation with Eric always gets me grounded, re-centered, and aligned with my integrity.”

– Jeffrey Davis, writer & creativity consultant

Premium Program
Facilitated by Eric Klein
Program Workbook with teachings in written PDF & recorded MP3 formats
Guided Spiritual Practices in recorded MP3 format.
Spiritual Assessment Tools in PDF format. The Power & Bliss Assessment, Your Elemental Gifts.
Daily Email Teachings
Six Live Coaching Calls
Feb 15, Mar 21, April 18, May 14, June 20, July 16
Private Forum
1 year of Wisdom Heart Community teachings
Bonus 1: Setting Boundaries on the Spiritual Path – a special report ($39 value)
Bonus 2: What’s in your way? Overcoming Inner Obstacles – video ($69 value)
Early bird discount:
$650 by end of Feb. 7th.
$750 from Feb. 8-11


Click here for a 5-Pay Plan


Want a taste of the program?

If you aren’t quite ready to commit, we invite you to try this:

Dive into the FREE 3-Part Series:
How to Transform Conditioning (and live an Awakening Life)

This will allows you to experience the Wisdom Heart approach.
After these teachings, notice for yourself whether you want to go deeper.
If you feel the deep and wholehearted call to join us on this awakening journey – you can enroll in the What’s Calling You program (at standard or premium levels).

Our Karma-Free Guarantee

It feels bad to receive money from people when they aren’t happy with what they get.
So we’re offering you this Karma-free Guarantee:

If, after you have the course in your possession – try it out. If you aren’t happy with what we’re offering – for any reason whatsoever – let us know.


  1. We’ll refund your payment. Ask anytime in the first month of the program – and we’ll refund 100% of the money you paid for the course.
  2. You will gift the program to someone who can use it. On your honor, we’ll ask you to then pass the course on to a friend, colleague, in-law, outlaw, whomever–someone you think might like and benefit from these teachings.

It’s Karma-Free: You get your money back and you get to be generous and benefit others.

Plus, if you let me know what you didn’t like about it, I’ll give you a recommendation for a book, author, website, or other resource that might suit you much better.

I’m really wanting you to get the help you need, no matter where it comes from.

Here’s what people say:

DebCaldwellI’ve seen the power of this work first hand, first in 2000 when I worked at a Fortune 50 company where I ran a division-wide Leadership and Management Development program. We hired Eric to deliver an Advanced Leadership Development program. This is where I was first experienced Eric’s powerful concept of deep renewal through Values, Gifts, and Legacy (VGL).

The managers and I found the practices – and the raised awareness that they encouraged – so useful that I applied Eric’s model when I started a Career Center for all employees in our division. I helped hundreds of people personally and professionally using these principles and practices, and I learned, for myself, how listen to and follow what’s truly calling me.

This work has supported me throughout 3 career changes and a mid-life crisis by raising my awareness and helping me to clarify what matters most in my work and in my life.

The teachings have supported my work and, more importantly, my life choices.”

danielle-laporte-150x150Klein, you have the radiance that true teachers have — from a diamond heart chiseled on plenty of practice. This work is like a power bar for the mind — packed with wisdom that can only be good for you.”

michele lisenbury christensenEric beat me at spiritual arm wrestling. See, I deeply need things to be light, easeful, fun. But I’m HIGHLY skilled at making them hard, heavy, and dark.

My darkness is no match for Eric’s wise, warm, funny (a funny meditation teacher?), rock & roll kind of approach.

Need mirth in your mantra? But still want all the spiritual substance? Me too. You’re gonna love Eric Klein as much as I do.”

michael-kovitzI have known Eric and Devi for over forty years — yes that’s right over forty years. From the beginning they have always been about the same things, achieving inner peace and happiness by distilling and infusing the wisdom and ultimate sanity of the timeless teachings of the east into a productive and positive life in the world.

I have never known them to stray from their path — their inner guidance. How many people can you say that about? So, when they speak, it must be the real thing — right? May the Beloved, in all His Infinite Names and Form continue to smile upon them and guide them and their work further into the light!”

Sue Reece photoI loved the clarity and simplicity of the teachings, meditations, and instructions.

I felt that I knew exactly what I was doing. At the same time there was a depth and subtlety underlying it all that made me value the richness of the practice and what lies behind it.

Eric is a gentle, kind, hugely experienced, and wise guide. He wears his depth of learning and understanding lightly and with great humour. I’m so glad that I took this course and look forward to continuing my practice and going ever deeper.


Click the questions to see the answers.

What if I don’t have enough time and fall behind?

We have a slogan at Wisdom Heart – you proceed at the pace of integration. In other words, you can’t fall behind of you’re following your own authentic pace. For example, if you listen to one teaching over and over for three months – and find it meaningful – you’re not falling behind.

What’s the actual time commitment?

Each day you’ll receive a teaching (in both audio and written form to best match the way you prefer to learn and practice). The recordings are about 15 minutes long (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less). Each recording moves you seamlessly into a meditative state. You can stay in meditation for as long as you choose.

I’m new to meditation, will I still benefit from the program?

No prior study or familiarity is needed to benefit from this program. Everything is explained in clear, practical language with a focus on how to apply the teachings to your life and spiritual practice.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

All calls are recorded and distributed to participants. You can listen at your leisure.

I’m not into Facebook, will I majorly miss out on something?

The private Facebook group (in the Premium version of the program) is a wonderful place to be in conversation with others who are in the program. But, it’s not essential to get great benefit and blessings from these teachings. It’s an add-on (and an awesome one) but not a must-have.

Still not sure?Eric trickster smile

If you’re interested in this program, but aren’t quite sure if it’s a fit for you, please email me with your questions.

I promise not to hard sell. Ask me anything, let’s figure it out.

This work is sacred, deep, and while you don’t have to be totally at ease before starting – it’s important to address your questions and concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love & Shanti