What’s Calling You: Entering the Sacred World – A dialogue with Meg Wheatley

When we received an email announcing Meg Wheatley’s new book – How Does Raven Know – Eric immediately sent her an email inviting her to be part of this WCY Dialogue series. 


Our fingers were crossed.

Eric and Meg hadn’t talked in over 10 years. Back in 2002 when Eric was developing a program to bring contemplative practice to leaders ‐ Meg generously lent her support and participated in one of the programs. It had been awhile and she’s a global teacher . . . so our fingers were crossed.

Meg responded with an immediate “Yes!”

And we know you’ll be glad. Eric and Meg talk about how to (re)enter the sacred world ­‐ liberating ourselves from the prison of our culturally induced prison. Meg shares her decade long process of opening to the ever ‐present support that comes to us from every side . . . if we only learn to listen.

In this dialogue Meg & Eric explore:

  • Why miracles are normal
  • The nature of totems ­‐ and how to work with them
  • How prayer nourishes the Earth
  • What to do when people think you’re too woo­‐woo


Continue the Dialogue: Share your reflections

  • How do you connect to the sacred world?
  • What have animals taught you?
  • Where do you find stillness?

Share your reflections below.

Learn more about Meg’s work here.

Get your copy of How Does Raven Know here.


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