What’s Calling You: A Solstice Meditation (free audio)

The teachings of the winter season is that of subtraction. The winter solstice, with the deep dark night, reminds us to let go of images, expectations, beliefs, and assumptions in order to see & know life‐as­‐it‐is.

This meditation – which I learned from Christian mystic and teacher Cynthia Bourgeault – uses a potent phrase from Psalm 46 to take you step by step into the ever­‐present mystery. 

Be still and know web


Use the dharma doodle above to guide your practice. (or listen to this guided practice.)

Say each phrase – and feel, embody, enter the meaning of the words experientially.

The first mediation is: 

Be still and know that I am God.

In this meditation you become aware of your inner image of God. Whether you believe in God or not – look closely. An image of God is there. It is as heavily influenced by your cultural conditioning as by your spiritual practice. And it obscures your experience of life‐as­‐it­‐is. It’s an image. Let it go.

The second meditation is:

Be still and know.

As you let go of images, you become aware of a level of awareness called witness consciousness. Witness consciousness observes thought, emotion, and experience. There is a tremendous sense of freedom that comes as consciousness shifts from being enmeshed in images to witnessing. But as liberating as this revelation is, there is still a subtle clinging and self­‐preservation impulse at work. Even the witness must be let go.

The third meditation is: 

Be still.

Now you enter what in yoga is termed vritti‐nirodha – the cessation of the patternings of the mind. Even the subtle pattern of being the witness dissolves. And there is only life: the dynamic stillness that is breathing all. You experience pulsation of this dynamic stillness as the rhythm of breath in the body and the revolution of planets around the sun. All separation dissolves as the waves of bliss rise and fall through the universe. And yet the practice is not over.

The fourth meditation is:


In this meditation you return to your everyday life. To your personality. Your work and relationships. In the ordinary activities of life, the revelation continues. Every encounter is an opportunity to offer the blessing and to be blessed.

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  • Garrick

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for this mediation audio, its very nice.
    I am fairly new to meditating but I want to make it part of my daily routine.
    The meditation felt so good that I dosed off a couple of times. Does this mean I am physically tired? I haven’t been sleeping that well last few weeks, but last night I slept 8hrs.

    Thanks again,

  • eric

    Most people living in the modern/internet world are sleep deprived. So, it’s likely that you are too. Even one night of 8 hours may not be enough to “rebalance” the sleep debt. But, still . . . keep meditating. The practice will promote balance in all aspects of your life. And sometimes the dozing off is because the mind is not used to peacefulness. But, not to worry. You can develop familiarity with peace, stillness, and inner quiet . . . while maintaining alert, relaxed awareness.

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