Will Distractions Ever End?

When I first began practicing yoga and meditation, I lived in a small bedroom at the back of my parent’s apartment in New York City. The one small window opened onto the alley. Several mornings a week, at about 6am, garbage trucks would back into the alley… Beep… Beep… Beep. The men would empty the metal trash cans into the back of the truck… Clang… Smash… Crash… Grind…

In the early days of my practice, I kept wondering – when will all these distractions go away?
The more I wondering this the more anxious and agitating I became.
Meditation doesn’t stop garbage trucks from beeping or people from, as my guru suggested, “peopling”.
Life will do what it does, whether at full volume or a whisper.

What makes a noise into a distraction isn’t the decibel.
What turns sounds, sights, sensations, people, and events into distractions is how the mind relates to that which arises.

Meditation gives you a new way of relating to that which arises.
A way that is open, direct, and clear.
Noise becomes silence when met without commentary.

Here’s the key:

What does this suggest to you?

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Love & Shanti


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  • Thomas Cadwallader

    That is a very wise dog!

  • Alister

    I love your dog dude, Eric!

    For me, the growing moments of stillness as a result of practice are a huge benefit, increasingly noticing and letting go of my automatic reactions to things – such as those noises, and the ‘peopling’.
    “Absence of self”? Not quite! A work in progress!
    Greetings from the UK.

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