Awakening isn’t a solo project

Even when you know that spiritual awakening is why you’re here –
it’s not easy to live with wisdom, love, and presence.

There are so many demands that pull at your attention.

There’s work, family, health, money, and . . . more. It’s easy to get distracted – even overwhelmed. You can feel like you’re swimming upstream, struggling against the current of daily demands. It’s painful.

Stop Struggling

Release the patterns that create misery for yourself and others.

Go Deep

Commune with Presence. Open to the Grace of Awakening.

Live with Wisdom

Embody Realization in the nitty-gritty of daily life.

We all need support, guidance, friends, and feedback to wake up and stay on the path. Awakening also isn’t a side project. It’s not something you squeeze into your life. It’s a way of being that transforms how you live moment-to-moment.

“I’ve spent my whole life in spiritual pursuits. Still, I harbored anxiety and almost panic about not being enough, not doing enough, and despite a successful life by almost every measure, not ‘living up to my potential.’ Coming to Wisdom Heart changed all that.

Wisdom Heart teachings and methodology finally allowed the wisdom of a lifetime of spiritual understanding to actually seep into my daily life and begin to come alive for me – perhaps even as me.

The quest for more (understanding, achievement, what-have-you) became curiosity and delight in the existing. Wisdom Heart continues to lead me into myself and the present moment with gratitude, gentleness and true peace. Thank you, Eric and Devi. Thank you”

Lisa Sferiazza Johnson

End the Restless Seeking – Live Your Dharma.

To live your awakening life won’t happen automatically.
It takes changes. Changes that make it easier for you to:

  • Sustain and deepen your meditation practice
  • Move through the day with mindfulness, ease, and flow
  • Stay inspired when you’re up to your neck in daily life

Most people won’t make the necessary changes.
Not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know how and don’t have the right guidance and support. That’s what Wisdom Heart Community is for.

Monthly practices for meditation & mindful living

We’re here all year with monthly, weekly, and even daily ways for you to stay inspired, practicing, and going deeper.

  • Even if the demands of your career or your family are pressing and regular.
  • Even if every moment seems to be accounted for.
  • Even if you’re disappointed with the way you do/don’t practice.

Imagine what could happen for you if you put all of those stories aside so you open up to your deepest, truest, most joyful life..

You can jump in at anytime.
As soon as you do, the teachings & practices will start flowing your way with:

  • Deep guidance on how-to meditate
  • Teachings & techniques on mindful living
  • Inspiration to nourish your spiritual heart

You’ll experience the
4-Stage Wisdom Heart Process.

Our 4-stage process of integrating teachings & practice facilitates deep change. It’s like watering a garden – you don’t turn on the hose full blast. That just creates a lot of water on the surface. It takes a gentle, consistent, drip-drip-drip to nourish the roots.

That’s our approach: simple, deep, gentle.
Every month we bring you a new four-stage practice program. It’s the drip-drip-drip that builds your capacity and nourishes deep spiritual roots. Through teachings, meditations, dialogue, reflections, and dharma doodles, we’re there to:

  • Support & deepen your practice
  • Remind you of what matters most
  • Expand your mind & open your heart.

It’s curated process.
The 4-stage sequence of teachings and meditations are intentionally designed to cultivate your awakening life one month . . . one practice . . . one breath at a time.

WCY-Ann-RichardsWith all my practices and years of study there was still a dryness. I was stuck and the life, the juice was gone from my spiritual life. Wisdom Heart has infused my inner life with something like healing rain; a life giving moisture that has freed me. In those places where I was stuck – I found a way out. The dryness is gone – filled with life.

For years, I’d been mired, trapped on a spiritual see-saw: feeling high then low, going back and forth with practices, starting and stopping but never moving forward.

Now, I have such deep and powerful tools – ways of being, principles and practices. I’ve found a way forward. This has been your greatest gift – all given with warmth and tenderness.”

Ann Richards, San Diego, CA

Here’s a picture of what you’ll experience each month:


This is what you’ll experience week-by-week

WHC-_logotype_02-768x593Each month, you’ll integrate a key spiritual principle into your life – through teachings, meditations, and in-your-daily-life practices. The integrated learning begins with Opening your mind and heart.

Opening Teaching
The month starts with an Opening teaching that introduces the monthly theme. This rich 15-minute teaching is delivered in video, audio, and text formats.

The Meditation-of-the-month
You’ll also receive the meditation-of-the-month audio. This carefully designed recording is what you’ll use all month. Yep, you’ll practice the same meditation everyday. Why?

It’s this consistency that re-trains the busy mind, cultivates mindfulness, and deepens your capacity to rest in meditative stillness.

You’ll be able to choose each day between a 10 or 20 minute audio practice.

Wisdom Heart Practice Journal
This beautiful journal is designed to be used all month. Filled reflections and questions that allow you to deepen your learning, track your meditation practice, and discern how to live your awakening life. PDF ready-for-printing.

2-exploreThe next phase of the process takes you deeper into the monthly theme with two nano-teachings.

You’ll receive two short (5-minute) teachings that dive into key teachings and deeper guidance for your meditation and daily-life-mindfulness practices. Video & audio format.

The Meditation-of-the-month
Mmmmmm . . . is your mind wandering? That’s fine. Breathe and return to the practice. You’ll be able to choose each day between a 10 or 20 minute audio practice.





3-deeperAs you absorb the teachings and experience the meditations – a lot comes up. Insights. Confusion. Breakthroughs. Questions. That’s the reason we gather together, at this stage, for a live Dharma Dialogue.

Dharma Dialogue
It’s time to talk, to meditate together, explore questions, and share the dharma. These lively, intimate transmissions of the teachings nourish the heart and expand the mind.

You’ll learn how to adapt & personalize the teachings to your life unique situation. If you can’t join us live, no worries – the 45 minute Dharma Dialogue will be recorded.

The Meditation-of-the-month
Yes, we’re still here. Now it’s time to . . . go deeper. You’ll be able to choose each day between a 10 or 20 minute audio practice.







WHC-_logotype_05The cycle ends with an integration teaching that distills what we’ve been exploring and experiencing this month into dewdrops of wisdom.

Integration Teaching
This 12-minute teaching will help you digest the insights and integrate the energies that have been released this month into the natural rhythm of your life. Video/audio/text formats.

The Meditation-of-the-month
The final week of this practice is a wonderful time to rest in the stillness. You’ll be able to choose each day between a 10 or 20 minute audio practice.


Gisela“Being in Europe, while far away – I feel so close. There really is no distance.

The content is so beautiful. I love the artistry and depth of your language.

The way you take us on a new track and deeper inquiry – it opens up a whole field of possibilities. The richness of your teachings is infinite.

There is openness, humanness, down-to-earth, and deep knowing.
Sometimes I am so amazed that you bring such deep knowledge and understanding – coming from the soul.

I love the community and participants. The depth of sharing is so touching and connecting. You attract wonderful people and join them together.

The Wisdom Heart teachings are universal – they contain and embrace our whole life. I don’t have to abandon what I’ve learned in other practices or programs; what you teach enriches and deepens what came before.”

Gisela Kissing, Berlin, Germany

Premium Bonuses:

When you join the Wisdom Heart Community as a premium member, in addition to experiencing the monthly 4-stage learning process, you’ll enjoy these bonuses:

Bonus #1: Random Acts of Awakening

As we engage in the monthly practice with you – insights and inspirations arise and take form as poems, prayers, songs, mantras, art, and teachings. As a member of WHC, you’ll receive these Random Acts of Awakening.
What will these be? Videos. Audios. Music. Art. Surprises!
How often will they arrive? It’s impossible to predict. Like, you, we’re standing by to be amazed and delighted.

Bonus #2: Access to the WH Library

We have a growing library of over 40 video/audio/written teachings, meditations, interviews. You’ll have access to these 24/7. Dip in as you need, for on-going inspiration. Some of the teachings include:
  • The 4 Keys to Establishing Your Daily Practice
  • AUM: Creative Power and Sacred Word
  • Opening the Door of Truth
  • How Meditation Softens Your Karma
  • Non-attachment: The Grace of Letting Go
  • The 5 practices of Awakening Love

Bonus #3: Private WH Community Facebook group

This is the place where you can find us on a daily basis. It’s online but not impersonal. Drop in. Share. Ask a question. Get and give support. We’re in this together.

What is the cost of membership?

Less than a dollar a day.

For less than a dollar a day, you get access to all the WH Community resources day-in and day-out. .

Best Value:

Annual Payment: $270
Enjoy 2 months free when you pay for a full year.


Easy Plan:

Monthly Payment: $27
Deepen your practice for less than a dollar-a-day


Here’s the truth: stepping into a more awakened life is simpler than you think.

It’s gentler and easier, too. It starts – and continues – with taking small regular steps. Not dramatic moves. Simple daily ones that honor the truth of your soul.

But, access to information isn’t the issue. The challenge is converting information into wisdom that transforms your life.

There’s an ocean of spiritual information on the web.

More than you could ever absorb and much of it’s free.

But, access to information isn’t the issue. The challenge is converting information into wisdom that transforms your life.

Awakening doesn’t happen by clicking around the internet.
It happens through settling down, practicing, and being in conversation with teachers and like-minded people on the path.

jean van boon“I’m still surprised at the depth of connection that we have.
I’ve participated with a local meditation group – very actively – but I never felt community as I do with this group which is online. It’s strange and unexpected and wonderful.

It’s amazing to connect with like-minded people from all over the world. Some are in Europe, others are on the same continent as me but 3,000 miles away. It doesn’t matter – we have an actual community. For me this has been a huge value.

You say that “the teachings really are a dialogue – not a monologue” – and I’ve really discovered this to be true.

It is a safe and supportive environment – I don’t understand why. It just is and that has allowed me to not hold back (something I tend to do) and go really deep.

It has been really important experience being part of the community over and above the teachings which are amazing.”

Jean Van Bonn, Arcata, California

Note: The Community membership is a recurring membership. This means that your credit card will be automatically billed when your membership comes up for renewal (monthly or annually – whichever you choose).

However, there’s nothing to fear, as the system allows you to cancel your membership at any time, (you can do this from your own computer) and your card will NOT be re-billed in the next cycle.

The Two Reasons to Join Now

1) The membership fees are at their lowest. You’re getting the chance to subscribe now and keep this low fee for as long as you stay a member.

2) You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Our commitment is to your awakening. That’s why we bring the full transmission to the WH Community. But, if it’s not for you . . . it’s easy to leave.

Joshua Touster Photography

If you have any question that aren’t covered here, please email me directly and let me know how I can help.

I’d love to get your feedback. Click here to email.

The feedback that you give me is strictly confidential. Don’t forget to include your telephone number and a time to call you. We’re on the journey together.

Love & Shanti


Still not sure this is for you?

While your situation is unique, there are some common themes that we’ve heard from our students.

These are the main ones:

1) You’ve starting meditating but find it hard to sustain your practice in the rough-n-tumble of your daily life.

When your practice wanes, you really feel the difference. You’re not necessarily overwhelmed but you miss the grounded, balanced energy that comes from consistent practice and you know that with more support, it would happen.

2) You’re full of spiritual information.

You’ve taken full advantage of the spiritual marketplace – reading, listening, watching. You’re an advanced student of what’s out there.

But, now it’s time to turn inward, to stop clicking around the web and hopping from teacher to teacher. It’s time to not just dip your toe in – but to dive in, devote yourself to practice . . . and take it deeper than ever before.

3) You feel isolated.

You don’t meet many people who really get how central spirituality is in your life. Some brush it off as woo-woo. Others don’t judge but still, they’re not available for soul-deep conversation in a way that nourishes you.

If you had a Community of people who get it . . . deep breath . . . walking the path would be easier and more fun.

4) You’ve noticed your blind spots.

And while what you’ve seen isn’t that pretty, you want to shine the light of awareness into those nooks and crannies. You know that smarts isn’t enough to illuminate the shadow.

And, while it feels so vulnerable to admit: you’re ready to hold a big loving mirror up, so you can see what needs to be seen, blessed, and transformed.

5) You love the Wisdom Heart newsletters.

You really resonate with these teachings and you wish the newsletter conversation could go further. Still, you don’t want or aren’t ready for a structured program.

You want guidance, inspiration, and connection to deepen your journey.

6) You’ve taken a Wisdom Heart program before.

You want to keep working with what you’ve learned. expand and deepen your awakening, and stay connected to Eric and Devi. You know that continuity and consistency are the keys to integration.

If any of those scenarios resonate for you, the Community will meet your needs.

Again, feel free to reach out and communicate.
We’re here to support your awakening life.

Click here to email your questions.