Photos from the Wisdom Heart Garden (Spring!!!)

These photos were taken last week in the garden at Wisdom Heart home & headquarters. Following the wonderful winter rains which nourished our parched earth, all the plants are joyously opening into the sunshine of Spring.

Planted among the greenery, at WH, are many sacred statues.

These are called murtis in the Sanskrit language. A murti is an image or, more precisely, a form of the Divine. Of course, everything that you are aware of – inside and outside – is a form; an expression of the Divine. All that arises are emanations of the Radiance.

As you cultivate meditative awareness, you discern the Radiance in the form.

You see, smell, hear, taste and touch. Your senses receive the emanations and – at the very same time – you recognize and receive the Radiance that is the essence of the form.

Sacred statuary is one way of supporting this recognition.

These embodiments are reminders; pointers that invite you to open to That which is seeking to blossom and awaken as your life.

Here’s the Buddha that stands by the front door and gazes over the vegetable beds:

This Quan Yin stands at the edge of a shady path leading to the back garden:

This is the Goddess luxuriating in the early Spring blooms:

Here’s the Big Guy at the center of the garden:

And this is Bindu on the path of awakening:

Is it time for your meditation to blossom?

That’s what our Springtime Meditation program is about.

You will learn how to:

  • Switch your neurology from anxiety to a state of rest and receptivity, and renewal.
  • Cultivate effortless absorption in the meditative state.
  • Wake up to the deeper purpose of your life.
  • Ride the energy of the Equinox into joyful meditative awareness.
  • Open to the transformative blessing that is Ever-present.
  • Fall in love with the practice (so you never have to force yourself to do it again).

Click here to get the details.

The early-bird price ends tomorrow.

Love & Shanti

E & D

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