Make meditation work for you.

Let us send you a free e-book, 7 Reasons Meditation Doesn’t Work (and how to fix them) that shows you why so many people struggle with meditation so you can avoid those pitfalls and reap the benefits of a simple practice. Plus, we’ll send you our 7 Days of Clarity program that leads you step-by-step to bring meditation into your life.

Tired of spinning
your spiritual wheels?

You know you’re in this life to wake up. You’re not satisfied with spirituality-lite.
You’re ready to go deeper . . . but how?

You’ve had some big breakthroughs. Real insights. You know there’s a truer, more awake life that’s possible. At the same time, you’ve never quite made the shift that you know is possible . . . and you want to.
But, how?

The workshop lifestyle doesn’t  go deep enough to nourish your soul.
You’re familiar with the momentary buzz that comes from dabbling; clicking around the spiritual internet from teacher to teacher. It’s not enough.

You’re after transformation not magical thinking.
The just-be-positive approach is too superficial.
You can’t put-on-a-happy-face if it means editing out your most painful wounds and profound doubts.

Blissing-out while ignoring the suffering of the world isn’t an option.
You’re ready to:

  • Free yourself from over-whelm, over-responsibility, over-sensitivity.
  • Move through the day with a clear mind and an wise heart.
  • Deepen your healing presence in the world.

You want to embody your spiritual realization.
To awaken fully in your life.  Because you’re not a monk, nun, or hermit. You work, you love, you live in the world – with all that entails.

So, how can spiritual practice make real a difference for you, your loved ones, and the world?
It’s a big question. One we’ve been exploring together for over 40 years. We’d love you to join the conversation.

Here’s our recommendation:

Get your free copy of Seven Reasons Meditation Doesn’t Work (And how to fix them) e-book. This book will show you why so many people struggle with meditation, don’t enjoy the benefits –  and how you can avoid that all-to-common fate.

PLUS: 7 Days of Clarity: Meditation Practices for Your Life – audio, video, and written teachings. This program takes the ideas in the e-book and shows you step-by-step how to bring meditation to your life.

The book and the program are FREE but not fluff.

They’re our signature Wisdom Heart combination of depth, humor, and practicality. It’s meditation for your life. Each section of the book and program focuses on a specific principle that you can use to:

  • Embody your deepest potential
  • Transform reactive patterns
  • Awaken in your life.

You know there’s a truer, more meaningful life that’s possible.
We’re here to support you embodying that life whole-heartedly:

Order your FREE e-book & get the 7 Days of Clarity program.

mark-silver“The newsletter killed me… again. Every single time, every single time, you get me with this thing. Somehow, your reminders and doodles touch my heart and wake me up in simple and profound ways every single time. Did I mention you haven’t missed my heart even once?”

–Mark Silver, Sufi Teacher,

What makes us qualified to teach you?

EDsmileblue-300x206We’re both ordained lineage holders in a 5,000 year old yoga tradition (known as Kriya Yoga). We’ve been practicing every day – yup, haven’t missed a day – since 1971. That’s over 30,000 days in a row between the two of us. On the cushion, of course, but, more importantly in our daily lives.

We’ve tested the practice in real life.

We’ve applied the practices and principles personally in our relationship, with our kids, and in our businesses. We’ve tripped and stumbled many times and we’ve enjoyed wonderful success, love, and laughter.

We’ve discovered how to preserve the potency of the original transmission – while purifying out the cultural artifacts that are extraneous.
We’re not teaching theory. This is spirituality for real life.

drj“I LOVE (x infinity) your newsletters. Thank you for all the playful heart you fill those e-notes with. I breeze past most newsletters but I find myself looking through my inbox for the latest and greatest from Wisdom Heart.”

–Dr. Jennifer Silapie, Naturopathic Physician,

Three reasons why you should get started:

Reason 1: There is sooooo much information available on spirituality. Sifting through it can actually be more stressful than useful. Just spend 15 minutes with the Seven Reasons Meditation Doesn’t Work (And how to fix them) e-book. You’ll immediately find new ways to deepen your spiritual practice.

Reason 2: These teachings are only available when you subscribe. Then, you’ll not only get the book and the program – you’ll also get our weekly newsletter. Each week, we’ll bring you writings, audios, videos, that are life changing.  So, without the newsletter, you miss out on some very valuable information.

Reason 3: On-going support is the key to practice. Get the book, the program, and the newsletter so you can receive a regular infusion of inspiration to deepen your spiritual life.


Here’s what people say:

laura-yon“I’m not one that reads blogs or newsletter online, but the Wisdom Heart newsletter is different. I subscribed to the newsletter because I love the wisdom and personal stories. They speak to me in a language that’s easy to for me to hear. When I’m reading the newsletter, I can hear Eric’s voice and it makes me smile. The meditations and practice suggestions are always exactly what I need at the moment. Eric seems to know just what I need.”

–Laura Yon-Brooks,

pamela“Though I’ve been working on meditation, yoga and other self-help type practices for years, the Wisdom Heart newsletters took me deeper. Each newsletter takes the everyday experiences of life and infuses them with spiritual purpose. They’ve helped me to see life as a classroom for my upliftment. Every day now is a new lesson that brings me closer to a loving relationship with myself, my family, my friends and my community. Thanks Wisdom Heart!”

– Pamela Hollander, M.A.,


If you’re not sure or have more questions, please feel free to send us an email. We really want to support you in deepening your spiritual life.

Love & Shanti,