Are you tired of spinning your spiritual wheels?

You know you’re here in this life to wake up. You’ve heard the call and want—so sincerely from your heart—to answer it. But how?

It’s that sincere desire that’s drawn you to teachers, workshops, books, and classes.

And you’ve had some big breakthroughs. Real insights. But, at the same time you’ve never quite made the shift that you know is possible. The workshop lifestyle doesn’t go deep enough to nourish your soul. And while you love the wisdom traditions, their very traditionalism doesn’t fit your real life.

How can you follow a committed path that touches all of you. . . but without becoming something you’re not?

You want a practice and a teaching that can really help you make massive spiritual progress—but without cutting off parts of who you are. Because you’re not a monk, nun or hermit.

You don’t live in a cave.
You like beautiful things. You have relationships, family, work . . . a life. You’re all about waking up AND you need to earn a living.

You’re not going to spend 2-3 hours a day in meditation.
It’s not authentic for you to even go there. Because when you try to fit yourself into a spiritual box, all you get is frustration and guilt (not to mention a pain in the back). But you know practice isn’t optional. You need powerful practices that integrate into your complex life.

You’re not satisfied with spirituality-lite.
The just-be-positive approach is too superficial. You can’t put-on-a-happy-face if it means editing out your most painful wounds and profound doubts. ‘Blissing-out’ while ignoring the suffering of the world isn’t an option.

You want depth, rigor, and realism for your spiritual life.

You want to really confront your limitations—not pretend to be spiritual. You don’t want your spiritual life to exist in a bubble. You want to embody your spiritual realization in the ebb and flow of your real life . . . to make a difference for you, your family, and the world.

You’ve heard the call.

You know there’s a truer, more meaningful life possible. You’re tired of the plateau. You want to go deeper.

The Wisdom Heart Way

eric_deb_by_studioThe Wisdom Heart Way distills and focuses a 5,000 year old spiritual system (called Kriya Yoga) into a form that works for 21st century people. We’re Eric Klein and Devi Bliss. We’ve been engaged in committed practice of this method since 1972. We’re ordained swamis in the Kriya lineage.

We’ve tested the practice in real life.

We’ve applied the practices and principles personally—in our relationship, with our kids and in our businesses. In the process, we discovered how to preserve the potency of the original transmission—while purifying out the cultural artifacts that are extraneous.

The result is a teaching that is as spiritual as it is down-to-earth.

The rigor, depth, and realism of Wisdom Heart Way practices will help you:

  • Deepen your connection with the sacred—moment-to-moment.
  • Integrate powerful spiritual practices into the structure of your life.
  • Meet the inevitable challenges of life with clarity—not drama.
  • Answer the Call—without cutting off parts of yourself.

It’s simple (though not always easy). And powerful.

How do you get started?
Here’s our recommendation:

FreeBook_500pxNEW1a Get your copy of the free book “7 Reasons Why Meditation Doesn’t Work (and how to fix them)” and a specially recorded guided meditation that brings focus, peace and purpose to your day (and is only available with this special offer).

This book will show you how to make changes in your life in a way that is struggle-free. You’ll find the information to be enlightening—and very useful.

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The newsletter is free, but it’s not fluff.

Each issue focuses on a specific principle that you can use to embody your deepest potential, transform reactive patterns and answer the Call. You’ll find the information fun to read, immediately useable and energizing.

Three reasons why you might want to subscribe:

Reason 1: There is sooooo much information available on spirituality. Sifting through it can actually be more stressful than useful. Simply spend 15 minutes with the “7 Reasons”  book and you’ll immediately find new ways to deepen your spiritual practice.

Reason 2: Only a few of our many articles and video clips are open for everyone on this site. The rest is hidden. You get the direct links in the newsletter. So, without the newsletter, you miss out on some very valuable information.

Reason 3: Ongoing support is the key to practice. The newsletter provides a regular infusion of inspiration so you can deepen your spiritual life.

Here’s what some of our readers say:

mark-silver“The newsletter killed me… again. Every single time, every single time, you get me with this thing. Somehow, your reminders and doodles touch my heart and wake me up in simple and profound ways every single time. Did I mention you haven’t missed my heart even once?”

drjI LOVE (x infinity) your newsletters. Thank you for all the playful heart you fill those e-notes with. I breeze past most newsletters but I find myself looking through my inbox for the latest and greatest from Wisdom Heart.”

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liz-Fautsch“I barely glance at most emails before hitting “delete.” But I always make sure to save my weekly emails from Wisdom Heart. Sometimes I even read them right away, because usually there is a nugget of wisdom that I can apply that day. I often forward them to a friend or two. They are accessible, witty, insightful, and profound—a true reflection of Eric’ & Devi’s decades of meditation and yoga practice, wisdom and heart.”

laura-yon“I’m not one that reads blogs or newsletter online, but the Wisdom Heart newsletter is different. I subscribed to the newsletter because I love the wisdom and personal stories. They speak to me in a language that’s easy to for me to hear. When I’m reading the newsletter, I can hear Eric’s voice and it makes me smile. The meditations and practice suggestions are always exactly what I need at the moment. Eric seems to know just what I need.”

pamelaThough I’ve been working on meditation, yoga and other self-help type practices for years, the Wisdom Heart newsletters took me deeper. Each newsletter takes the everyday experiences of life and infuses them with spiritual purpose. They’ve helped me to see life as a classroom for my upliftment. Every day now is a new lesson that brings me closer to a loving relationship with myself, my family, my friends and my community. Thanks Wisdom Heart!”

Claim 7 Reasons book If you’re not sure or have more questions, please feel free to send us an email. We really want to support you in deepening your spiritual life.

Be well,