End Your Restless Searching.
Live the Dharma.

7 Days of Clarity
Video Course
& E-book.

You know you’re in this life to wake up.
You’re not satisfied with spirituality-lite.
You want to embrace the sacred opportunity of this life.

Stop Struggling

Release the patterns that create misery for yourself and others.

Go Deep

Commune with Presence. Open to the Grace of Awakening.

Live with Wisdom

Embody Realization in the nitty-gritty of daily life.

7 Days of Clarity:

How to Live the Dharma (in Uncertain Times)

Step-by-step teachings and practices to help you:
Stop Struggling. Go Deep. Live with Wisdom.

These FREE teachings include:

  • 7 video teachings & guided meditations
  • The simple way to integrate mindfulness into daily life
  • How neuroscientists and meditation masters agree (and why it matters)
  • The 3 keys to sustaining your practice (even when life goes wild)
  • The main obstacle to cultivating meditative awareness (it’s not what you think)

Why is Wisdom Heart the place to stop your restless seeking?

This isn’t your first rodeo.
You realize that the drama of your mind and emotions – aren’t really real. But, you still get caught up in those old patterns and stories.
It causes suffering for you and those you love. You’re ready for a radical shift.

The workshop lifestyle doesn’t go deep enough to nourish your soul.
You’ve read the well-known teachers on spiritual growth and healing. You understand what they’re saying. You love it, in fact. It’s just that your “knowing” isn’t permeating your life. It’s time to go deeper.

You can live the dharma –
without hoopla or hype.

This is what we’ve been doing for over 45 years.
We’ve tested the Wisdom Heart teachings and methods in the fire of our own life: on the meditation cushion, in our relationship, with our family, and in our work. We’ve worked with thousands of people around the world. This isn’t theory for us. It’s our life.

We are lineage holders.
We’re ordained teachers in this wisdom tradition – which is at least 3,000 years old. On other words, we didn’t make the Wisdom Heart teachings & practices up. They’ve worked for thousands of people for thousands of years. They’ll work for you.

For years, I’d been mired, trapped on a spiritual see-saw: feeling high then low, going back and forth with practices, starting and stopping but never moving forward.

Now, I have such deep and powerful tools – ways of being, principles and practices. Wisdom Heart teachings have infused my inner life with something like healing rain. This is the greatest gift – all given with warmth and tenderness.”

–Ann Richards, San Diego, CA

Here’s our recommendation:

7 Days of Clarity:
How to Live the Dharma (in Uncertain Times)

Step-by-step practices & teachers to cultivate meditative awareness both on & off the cushion.

PLUS: A copy of 7 Reasons Meditation Doesn’t Work (And how to fix them) e-book.

This book will show why so many people struggle with meditation and how to avoid that all-to-common fate.

What is the cost – spiritually – of staying on the surface of your being?

When you know you’re here to develop spirituality – each day that goes by without deepening your practice – are missed days in terms of your evolution, joy, and contribution.

You can spend a lifetime clicking around the web.
There is sooooo much information available on spirituality. Sifting through it can actually be more stressful, addicting, and distracting – than useful.

Just spend 15 minutes with this free teaching series and e-book. You’ll immediately find new ways to deepen your practice, stop struggling, and live with a wise heart.

I’ve spent my whole life in spiritual pursuits. Still, I harbored anxiety and almost panic about not being enough, not doing enough, not ‘living up to my potential.’ Coming to Wisdom Heart changed all that.

Wisdom Heart teachings and methodology finally allowed the wisdom of a lifetime of spiritual understanding to actually seep into my daily life and come alive for me – even as me. Wisdom Heart continues to lead me into myself and the present moment with gratitude, gentleness and true peace. Thank you, Eric and Devi. Thank you.”

–Lisa Sferiazza Johnson, Rome, Italy


If you’re not sure or have more questions, please feel free to send us an email. We really want to support you in deepening your spiritual life.

Love & Shanti,

P.S. The 7 Days of Clarity are offered freely but are not fluff.
We don’t water-­down the teachings. This is the authentic transmission – articulated in a way that works today. When you order 7 Days of Clarity you’ll also receive our weekly Wisdom Heart newsletter. Each week, we’ll bring you writings, audios, and videos with our signature Wisdom Heart combination of depth, humor, and practicality.

It’s real-life spiritually to help you:

  • Bring light to dark places
  • Strengthen your spiritual practice
  • Embody your deepest dharma

mark-silver“The newsletter killed me… again. Every single time, every single time, you get me with this thing. Somehow, your reminders and doodles touch my heart and wake me up in simple and profound ways every single time. Did I mention you haven’t missed my heart even once?”

–Mark Silver, Sufi Teacher, HeartOfBusiness.com